Saturday, July 26, 2008

Visitors and more...

It's another busy few days for all of us this weekend and heading into the new week. Today Craig was working, but Jacob and I had visitors! My former co-worker (at two places) Erin and her husband Mike came over to see Jacob. Erin worked with me at the Amerks for part of a season before I left for my current job. At the time she was looking for a change as well, and I referred her to the same employment agency I used. A couple weeks after I started my new job, she joined me at the same company. She just left a month or two ago for a new and better opportunity, and it was fun to see her! Jacob was a hit as always :)

We're hoping Jacob will get a chance to meet our friend Dave this weekend while he's in town from North Carolina. He worked for the Amerks as well and left a year ago to work for a soccer team in Cary, NC. We miss him a lot but are happy we got a new start away from the teams here. On Monday we may get a visit from my friend Heather, who I've known since I was five. She just had surgery a couple weeks ago so she's been advised against driving here herself, but she may have the opportunity to hitch a ride with a friend of hers and stay here for a few hours in the evening. It would be fun to have her here.

Tonight Jacob and I took a quick trip to Babies 'R' Us to pick up a breast pump (thank goodness for a big gift card we got from Craig's co-workers!). Tomorrow Craig has off and we may give Jacob his first bottle (from us, anyway...he had a couple in the hospital). We're two weeks away from the world of daycare (I decided to take an extra week of vacation at the end of my maternity leave), and they suggest starting breastfed babies on bottlefeeding a couple weeks ahead of time to make sure they figure it out before they're stuck somewhere all day without mom's milk factory. I'm going to head off to the mall to shop for a while, which I've been dying to do for weeks. The experts actually suggest that mom be out of the house and have someone else offer the first bottle. Babies can smell mom, and if the boobs are in the vicinity, they're less likely to be satisfied taking a bottle. I'm a little nervous about leaving Craig alone to deal with a potentially frustrated, hungry little boy, but hopefully he'll take to it ok. He's been taking a pacifier a little bit in the last couple days, so a bottle shouldn't be much different. For the record, I'm not a fan of pacifiers, but when he's inconsolable and/or I'm trying to put off a feeding for a bit, the pacifier can work wonders. Half the time he falls asleep after a couple minutes of sucking. Not planning on making it a big habit, but when it comes in handy I'm not afraid of it. And honestly, there are few things cuter at this point than when he uses his clumsy little hand to keep it in his mouth! I'm not looking forward to getting back to pumping, but being able to do bottlefeeding will hopefully make us a little more mobile! We'll see how that goes!

Monday morning it's time for a doctor's appointment for mommy, for a change! It's time for my six-week checkup to make sure that all has healed well. I'm hoping to officially get clearance to start working out and get rid of this belly I have left. I'm hoping that I might lose a little weight out of my chest as well, so my shirts fit just a little better. I'll keep my fingers crossed! As of last weekend I was only up five pounds, by the way!

Anyway, I'll leave you with one of the cuter pictures I've captured of Jacob, taken this afternoon.

Have a nice weekend!

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