Monday, November 3, 2008

Monday Notes

First of all, this is post #200! Wow...that's just crazy! was a good weekend. Not all that busy, but full and a bit tiring nonetheless. I was home with Jacob all day on Saturday while Craig was working. It was a lot of fun but by the end of the day I was pretty beat. It was a reminder of why the stay-at-home mom thing would be a challenge. As good as Jacob is, he's a lot of work. If I'm home with him I want to play with him. Eventually he gets either tired or hungry. If he's hungry, I'm on the hook for that as well. If he's tired I can either try to rock him to sleep a bit or if he's fighting me, I can put him in his swing. During naps I try to get as much as I can done around the house...or if he's fallen asleep on me, I guess I can get in a little rest, too. But the whole day--from morning to night--follows this pattern, and it's tiring. Rewarding, but tiring. I constantly marvel at how adorable he is, how smiley and sweet. Like any baby, he has his moments, but for the most part he's predictable enough to keep under control.

I got a little help yesterday with Craig home, though we had to do some outside work together to keep our fall leaf situation under control. Jacob fell asleep while we were coming home from lunch after church (since he just wouldn't sleep at church), and ended up sleeping for a good couple hours. We went outside with the monitor in tow and took care of leaves and some of the gutters before Jacob woke up famished. After a feeding he came out with us and sat in his carrier on the porch while we finished up. The rest of the day it was nice to have Craig there so I didn't have to "abandon" Jacob to his swing or vibrating seat when I had to do something like make a meal. I know Craig loves his "snuggle time" with Jacob anyway, so that's good he got some of that in himself.

Jacob's really getting a lot better with his hands...and in the last couple days he's discovered how to pull my hair. Ouch! I keep trying to move them, but he tends to just grab right back on whenever I'm carrying him around. He also seemed to get ever closer to thumbsucking yesterday. I noticed a couple times where he'd have his thumb in his mouth, though not in the traditional tumbsucking position and not much more than a random slurp here or there. But I'm sure one of these days he'll figure it out. We also had a lot of fun this weekend with sitting up. I'd pull him up from laying down, and he'd sit there happily holding my fingers for balance. He'll be sitting on his own in no time, I think!

This morning I dropped him off in his new room at daycare. That was weird. For almost three months we've been going to the same spot every morning, and now we have to go somewhere different. Everything is pretty much the same, but this room has a lot more going on. I was reminded of that when I set Jacob's carrier down and almost immediately there was a little girl (a very mobile 11 month old, apparently) walking up and exploring Jacob's seat (but not Jacob, thankfully). In this room, the kids can move...walking, crawling, sitting...and there was one in a high chair ready to eat. High chairs...oy...a new frontier we have yet to cross. Everything was just a bit more chaotic and I'm hoping Jacob adjusts ok. Even though the one teacher there had been in the small infant room for a while, it was still weird leaving him in a different spot with different people. He seemed content but distracted as I was leaving...a lot of new stuff to look at, I guess! We'll see how his day went...

By the way, can you believe how dark it is out so early now? And is everyone else as anxious as I am to get past election day tomorrow?

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