Friday, August 1, 2008

Out in the world...

Today is Jacob's six-week birthday...amazing how time flies, but how it feels like he's been here forever! I decided it was time to take him out and show him off a bit, so we took a trip into the city to my office. It was funny driving there after six weeks away. I was interested to see the progress on the major construction project on 490. I was interested to explore my new parking arrangements, as well. Since I left, Midtown Plaza, a rundown downtown mall and the home of our previous parking ramp, has closed. They're planning on demolishing it for the new corporate headquarters of PaeTec. We'll see if it ever happens. It's a shame, because it was the nation's first urban indoor mall, and it could have been cool had someone taken on the job of converting the many attached office towers into residential space. But anyway...the mall is closed so we could no longer walk through it to get to our building. The parking ramp is closing soon as well, and we finally got high enough on the waiting list to get into another ramp that's attached to our building. Of course, it's the one whose helix exit ramp collapsed a couple years ago, but that was just some bad engineering. The rest is fine and they've been doing construction on it now anyway.

So...complete with Jacob in his stroller, I managed to find my way from the ramp to the office. I stopped by to say hi to my bosses, then headed down to the cafeteria for lunch with my normal Friday lunch buddies. When I came back up to the office, Jacob was desperately hungry so I fed him a bottle (my first, his third). He took it really well, sucking down over 4 oz. without a problem. Whew. After showing him off to the rest of the office (rave reviews, of course), I headed off to Craig's office to drop off a shirt he forgot this morning. That led to another long stop as all of the folks in the Amerks office admired him :) He was perfect, though, so all in all it went well.

When we got home I decided to do a little experiment. Jacob was hungry so I decided to nurse him on one side while I pumped the other. If getting the milk to let down with a pump was the problem, that would solve it. It was a bit of a balancing act (literally), but I managed to pull it off. And sure enough, nearly 4 oz. after 15 min. on one side! After 15 min. I decided to switch sides to see if Jacob could stimulate the pump side further and to see if the pump could still squeeze more out of the other side. It didn't get much more, but Jacob seemed content for the full 30 min. feeding. That doesn't really help me for pumping effectively at work, but we'll see if my body adjusts. Let's hope. But anyway, it was a relief to get the full 4 oz., because that gave me something for tonight when we're heading off to the Rattlers game with my cousin (and one of Jacob's biggest fans), Lori. I'll keep doing that process as much as is convenient, though.

As a whole, today has been a great day. It was nice to get out into the world a bit and be out of the house for a while. That was the longest I'd been out of the house since Jacob came home five weeks ago. Crazy, isn't it? Not quite a usual summer, but next year should be pretty cool, I think! Well, time to get him fed again and get ready to go to the game. Have a nice weekend!

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