Thursday, August 28, 2008

Jacob's Bodily Fluids

So...not much to report except that I'm still addicted to Facebook. Oops. My cold seems to be getting better (no more splitting sinus headache), but Jacob still has quite the cough. It pains us every time he does it. Still, when he's content he seems happy enough and the coughs don't seem to phase him too much. If he's miserable, the coughs seem to bother him even more. Last night he seemed really uncomfortable, but I think in the end it ended up being a BM-in-process more than anything else. He ended up having a massive poop (again) that made its way out the side of his diaper (again), leading to a massive clean-up with hot water and OxiClean (again). If only there was a way to get him to have smaller BMs each day instead of one big one every few days. The problem is that he's not actually constipated (it would have to be hard when it comes out, and it's far from it), just infrequent. My only hope is he doesn't pull one of those out on Sunday for his big day. Yikes. Once he got that out he seemed much more comfortable overall, and we set him up with a cool mist humidifier to try to ease his congestion. He actually slept from 11:30 to 5:30, which was awesome, and seemed a little less coughy when I fed him (though he did have a massive spitup and did cough more when I laid him down). I hope he gets over his cold quickly so he's in a good mood for the weekend.

So yeah, I've definitely had my fill of Jacob's bodily fluids in the past 24 hours. He's still an amazing little guy and really cracks me up when he's in a good mood. I just feel bad that things have been so busy and our evenings haven't been quality time. Either I'm running around trying to get things done, or I'm feeding him, and last night I was falling asleep during that time. I think we've had a hard time getting ourselves in sync. Either I'm tired or he is, either I'm busy or he's I haven't seen a lot of those famous smiles in the last couple days :( Hopefully soon.

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