Sunday, August 10, 2008

Getting Ready

Just sitting at the computer while pumping part of one of Jacob's feedings tomorrow. He's been sleeping since about 20 min. into the drive home from NT, and I figured I'd take the opportunity it pump. I have a lot to get ready for tomorrow still, but pumping is increasingly important so I needed to take the time. We had a great weekend in NT, visiting with family at a reunion in East Aurora, showing him off to more people at church, and then hanging out again with more family at my uncle's retirement party tonight. Everyone loves holding a little baby, so Jacob was pretty much the most popular person around! He did pretty well, though he's a pretty gassy baby right now. No idea if it's remnants of formula making him nuts or just some extra gassiness from his crazy weekend schedule. I probably burped him less than usual when I nursed in public because it's so awkward to pull him out from under the blankets and do it without exposing myself. He seemed pretty content while feeding anyway, and I hated to interrupt him. In the next chapter of the formula vs. breast milk saga, he refused a formula bottle last night. We tried for about an hour, to no avail. That's got me a little nervous for tomorrow, but hopefully he'll be just thrown off enough by the new setting, the lack of mommy's milk machine, and being just plain hungry that he'll take the formula he's offered. The gas issue may be a whole extra problem. We'll see. This whole schedule could take a lot of tweaking over the next week or two, from when Jacob goes to bed and wakes up, to when I pump, what he eats, etc. Adjusting to going back to work and having to look presentable, and being and employee AND a mom, are scary things. It's a whole new ballgame from here on out. Tomorrow morning could be chaos. Hopefully my bosses will be their usual understanding selves for a while here, because I will probably need it until I settle into all of this. I might be a brain-dead space cadet for a while, between sleep deprivation and Jacob deprivation. So much of my job was based on instinctive stuff, getting used to systems and finding ways to apply them, and I'm afraid I'll have lost some of that in these last seven weeks. Heck, even the day I went in before delivering I felt a little scatterbrained. We shall see. Hopefully I'll have an update at lunch tomorrow.

Well, I got a total of 4 oz., so that's good for a feeding. It'll get me through tomorrow with some frozen milk I already have, so I have another day to work out pumping and see how it goes moving forward. Wish me luck :)

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