Thursday, August 7, 2008

Special gift

Yesterday my friend Heather came into town to meet Jacob. I have known Heather for nearly 25 years, since the first day of Kindergarten. We were both always the smallest people in class and have a ridiculous amount of random memories from all those years together. Random example from yesterday...We were at Panera for dinner and Craig's sandwich came with Gouda. He asked me what Gouda was like, and I said I didn't know because I hadn't had it since second grade...and Heather knew right away that I was referring to this cheese-tasting party we had in class. While broadening the horizons of second graders is great, it was a little too much cheese at once. But yeah, it's sort of like that...random memories dating back through 25 years of school, kiddie play dates, and summer afternoons hanging spent with her doll house (awesome), computer (Commodore 64!) and our infamous Hot Looks doll obsession (Heather, make sure you check out that link and see the dolls and clothes that were never released!!). At the ripe old age of 29, that's a rare thing to have for such a long time.

We had a nice day, just sitting and chatting as usual. We probably could have gone out and done something even more fun, but unfortunately I was stuck waiting for the cable guy to come and take care of our digital phones (Note: For those of you who are thinking about getting it, be aware that you need the tech to come out to your house to make your phone jacks work with digital phone service. The self-install only allows digital phones to work without your phone jacks, and one of those has to be by your modem. Other than that, it's cool. Free long distance within NY, caller ID that shows up on TV, call waiting...all for just a tad more than my old phone bill (long distance not included)). Anyway, we had a good time just talking and watching Jacob. He is, after all, quite entertaining, especially when he gets in a smiley mood. She came bearing a gift, which is pictured below:

It's already hanging up in Jacob's room. Between Heather and her mom, they are very talented people. Heather's mom gave us a quilt that was custom designed to go with the Snoopy & Family theme in the nursery. It has all three puppies on it, sleeping with blankets pulled up to their necks. It's so cute. Both gifts are so awesome and so appreciated. It's so nice to get homemade gifts like that. My mom did a sweater, booties, and hat for Jacob, and her good friend Sandy (a grandma-t0-be and faithful blog reader, along with her adorably pregnant daughter--hi Laurie!) made a beautiful blanket that's been a staple of our middle of the night feedings (mommies get cold too!). We've also gotten some homemade bibs from a couple of people. Good thing we have those kind of folks around, because I definitely do not have that talent!

Yesterday we also got a gift from Uncle John and Aunt Kristin, a Baby Bjorn carrier. It is awesome! While it will come in handy out in the real world, it's already been a nice addition to our home life. When Jacob is cranky and doesn't want to be put down but I have a lot to do around the house, I can just strap him in and do it. This morning he fell asleep while I was sitting at the computer. It's nice to give him that close contact but not feel handcuffed or risk dropping him. So cool!

We leave shortly to go for our prep day at daycare. Should be an interesting visit. I'm sure I will have more thoughts on the daycare thing in the days to come, both regarding the physical preparations for it and my thoughts on actually sending him there. Hopefully I will have a report on today's visit tomorrow!

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