Monday, August 11, 2008

First Day Back

Remember back in the day when a child's first day of school was a big deal? I suppose it still is, but in this era of so many kids going to day care, you send your kid out into the world about five years earlier than that momentous occasion. Dropping Jacob off at day care wasn't quite like standing there watching the school bus pull away, but it was a preview.

Things went reasonably well in the 12 hours or so surrounding the drop off. Last night after I finished pumping and posting, I ran around the house until just before midnight trying to get everything as ready as possible for today. Jacob still wasn't awake by the time I finished, so I decided to experiment a bit and let him sleep. Why wake him up just to put him in bed? I let him sleep in his carrier until he woke up, which happened to be at 3:45. He fell asleep originally around 9:30 or 9:45, so that was a good six-hour span. Wow. Nice to know it's possible. Back to bed around 4:40, and my alarm went off at 6am. I was exhausted, however, so I snoozed until 6:40. A bit panicked, I got up, took a shower, and had breakfast before Jacob woke up around 7am. I put him in his swing to buy a few more minutes, finished everything but my hair, and sat down to feed him. He had a really explosive poop near the end of the feeding, but thankfully I had taken precautions to protect my clothes :) After he finished eating, I finished packing up and we were off.

Drop off went fine. I didn't cry, though it was a little sad leaving him there. He was nearly asleep and didn't appreciate my good-bye hug and kiss, but I think he went right back to sleep afterward. I just called to check in, and he's given them a little trouble feeding, taking only about half of his two bottles of formula so far. Other than that he's been fine. He's got a bottle or two of breast milk coming his way this afternoon, so maybe he'll respond to those better and we'll just have to work on the formula thing. Not sure what the best course of action is there, but we'll see. He'll have to get used to it eventually. My first pumping of the day went pretty well, with nearly four ounces total. I have another coming up in a bit. It's a little awkward but could be worse.

Overall, my day at work has been busy. It's a lot of getting back in the rhythm of things and figuring out where I left off, what has to be done, and just getting all of my stuff back up and running. There's one file I use to track all of our testing, and I don't think it's really been touched since I I spent a couple hours this morning trying to add in well over 100 lines that had been added since I left. Lots of blanks to fill in, that's for sure. I have delighted in showing people the smiley picture (#3) from last week's blog post, which is currently my wallpaper. Craig will probably be picking up the little man later, since he's on his way back from Chicago today. I'm defintely looking forward to getting home, but I don't entirely mind being back at work. The novelty is still there for now, at least. I'm staying busy enough to not make myself crazy missing Jacob, but there's definitely an element of distraction thinking about him. Everything just feels different. I'm sure it will get more normal as the days go on, though. And speaking of which, time to get back to work...

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