Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Growing Boy

We had a good morning. Jacob seemed to come through his first formula experience last night unscathed. Of course, he hadn't pooped yet, which led me to believe he might end up with some constipation issues, but a little while ago while he was sleeping and stirring I heard a couple massive farts. They sounded drier than his usual explosiveness, so I'm hoping that's the formula poop and he's ok. I guess constipation happens more with formula, and formula-fed babies poop less anyway, so nothing is out of the question. Regardless, he fed well at 4:15am (not bad considering he went down for bed by 11:30) and again a couple times this morning, so the bottle and the formula apparently haven't messed with his ability to breastfeed. He almost seemed to enjoy his bath, until I pulled him out into the harsh, cold world. He fussed a bit while we did a little fashion show, trying on some of his bigger clothes to see if they fit yet...and you know what? They're getting really close! Seeing as he's going off to daycare soon, I'm thinking he might have to expand beyond his current world of onesies (and if not, fall will do that soon enough) so the 3-6 month clothes will be a welcome change.

Once he was dressed and fed we headed off to the mall. I needed to do some swimsuit shopping, because my stomach is not bikini-appropriate anymore and we'll probably be swimming next weekend. No luck, though, so I might have to opt for a t-shirt over my old suit. I also did a little Jacob shopping since Bon-Ton had Carter's clothes on sale and they have the cutest line of Moose clothes (Craig and I are addicted to moose, for those of you unaware). There was a 20% coupon in the Sunday paper in addition to the 40% off, so that was a good deal. We also went to Target armed with a gift card to pick up a couple things in preparation for daycare (extra bottle nipples and a box of wipes) as well as some essentials to make up for a little stupidity on my part. I put a couple wet things into Jacob's hamper last week, and they grew mold...all over quite a few things. Who knew? So, I got some new burp cloths, receiving blankets and onesies (3-6 months, since the 0-3 seem to be getting a little tight) to make up for the ones I couldn't salvage. The good news is that they're cool blue ones with a sporty theme instead of the gender neutral ones I registered for. I'm slowly forgiving myself for the mess.

Well, Jacob is screaming now and is probably hungry! He's definitely a growing boy!!

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