Thursday, July 31, 2008

Nothing can ever be easy...

As I mentioned in yesterday's post, Jacob's feeding has been a little crazy lately. During the day he actually hasn't been bad, but evenings have been awful (sometimes feeding only an hour apart, multiple times) and nights haven't been much better. Last night I fed him around 10:30, put him in bed before 11:30, and he was wide awake at 12:30. Back to sleep around 1, up again at 4:15, back to sleep around 5, awake again at 6. Not very conducive to good sleep, unfortunately. The craziest part is that when I sleep soundly during the long stretch, I'm that much more tired when I actually have to wake up. I could hardly keep my eyes open for the 4:15 feeding, so when he started crying again at 6, I was so incredibly frustrated.

To make matters worse, it has been seeming like he's not getting enough to eat despite feeding for up to 40 minutes sometimes. He's also been really fussy when feeding lately, doing this odd bouncing off the breast thing where his mouth is wide open but he just can't seem to latch on. If it goes on long enough he gets extra cranky. It was so bad this morning that I decided to get up and break in the new breast pump. Much to my surprise, I only got about an ounce out of each side, which was less than I was getting during my first week. Based on his growth I would think he's getting a heck of a lot more than a couple ounces at each feeding, so I'm not sure if the pump just wasn't at the right setting (finding the right suction level can be challenging...stronger isn't always better), the last feeding had drained me, or if my new method of birth control is having an effect. Yes, I am back on birth control because Jacob doesn't need a sibling quite yet. Not that there's a heck of a lot of opportunity for creating a sibling just yet, but I got the prescription at the doctor on Monday and figured I'd just get it going. It's a pill that only has one type of hormone, and it's generally what breastfeeding women use. It's possible that it can cause a reduction in milk supply, though according to the nurse at my doctor's office, it's supposed to just be temporary. Neither the nurse or the lactation consultant thought it should be a significant decrease, so I'm just plain stumped about the pumping this morning. That could explain why Jacob has seemed incredibly hungry all the time, though. He also may be going through his six-week growth spurt (6 weeks as of 2:40 am Friday...hard to believe), so that could be adding to it as well. Bad timing all around, if nothing else.

I'm a little frustrated because I wanted to pump enough milk today to take some with me on a couple outings tomorrow. I wanted to stop by my office and show him off, and maybe go to lunch with my Friday lunch buddies (two guys from the Amerks game production staff) if Jacob cooperated. I also wanted to take him to his first sporting event tomorrow night, the Rattlers game, and show him off to people there. However, I'm not sure I can pump enough to have bottles available for both trips. I suppose I could find places to nurse in both cases (there's generally enough empty seats at the Rattlers game that I could climb to the top row somewhere and cover up), but it's a scary prospect all around. We shall see. I'm going to try to pump again before Jacob wakes up for his (hopefully) last feeding of the night, and maybe things will be better now that I'm less stressed than I was this morning. Just when I thought I had this breastfeeding thing down...ugh.

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