Saturday, July 5, 2008

First Milestone

Jacob hit his first milestone today...his umbilical cord fell off! He's got a very cute little belly button, though it's a half-innie, half outie. It doesn't have anything sticking out of the middle like most outies, but it's not cavernous like a normal innie, either. It looks like it still has a little healing to do, but I have no idea if the belly button continues to change after this point to become a more obvious innie or outie. In any event, it was a relief to see it come off, because it's much easier to diaper him (he's squirmy enough without having to worry about folding down the top of the diaper) and it makes his belly much cuter :)

Now if his circumcision would finish healing, that would be even better! The little plastic device that they put on it to heal it is hanging on by just a thread, so it's got to be getting a little uncomfortable...probably like when you lose your teeth and they're hanging on by a little string and everything you eat pulls on it. That should be happening any time now, as well.

Not much else to report. I'm still on a quest to get a great picture of him for his birth announcement. Seems like it's overdue, I guess, but we really want to get a good picture that captures his essence, you know? He's so cute, but not the most photogenic at this point. Hopefully soon, though. We've gotten close and he's getting cuter by the day!

Have a nice weekend :)

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