Tuesday, July 1, 2008

A Few Pictures...

I finally have a few minutes to blog after a trying day with Jacob. He wouldn't really eat or sleep today. His meals lasted on average about 5 or 10 minutes before he fell asleep, got cranky, or lost interest, then he'd pretend to conk out for a bit only to wake up the second I tried to lay him down. He's also continued his problematic diaper changes, shooting whatever he can wherever he can. I tried to nap for a bit today but that didn't last long, and once he finally had a decent meal and a clean diaper at the same time, I decided to venture out for my first walk with him. It went pretty well, I guess, and he's been sleeping ever since. It's allowed me to get some household chores done that had been sitting and waiting for a while. Not quite as fun as sleep, but I feel better regardless. Probably will have to wake him up soon to eat, though...he's been stirring a bit so it probably won't be long anyway. Better having him awake now than in the middle of the night, I suppose.

Now that it's pretty much done (for now--I'm sure the holes will fill in on their own as time goes on), I wanted to share a couple pictures of the nursery. Not much to it, but it's pleasant. The Baby Snoopy stuff still makes me smile.

And here's a cute picture showing Jacob's more angelic side :) No matter how hard we try to swaddle those hands in, he still manages to get them out!

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