Friday, July 25, 2008

Nursery improvements

For those of you who survived yesterday's post, you're rewarded with some pictures today :)

He's been a little cranky while awake (hence why I'm typing this post with one hand--looks like I need to go back to no cereal in the morning (because of the milk)...he's gotten progressively worse this week since I started eating it again), so the sleeping pictures are the cutest I have right now. I love the second one where his tongue is just sticking out :)

In other news, the nursery has had some improvements! I finally got around to doing the "crib bumper as wall decor" project I had been wanting to do since before he was born. It's a little odd, but it serves a few purposes: 1) Not wasting a perfectly good crib bumper (no bumper or breathable ones are recommended these days due to SIDS); 2) More themed decor for a pretty bare nursery; 3) It prevents the chair in the picture below from hitting the wall. It covers a good portion of two walls. It's basically like a 3-D border.

Now for a cool story...In my room at my parents' house, there used to be this big yellow shelf. It was probably about 6-1/2 feet tall, with a big cabinet in the bottom and three shelves up top. It held a ton of stuff over the years, from all of my toys (big enough for a laundry basket in the bottom, which was great for small stuff--the old school version of today's bin obsession) to my many books as I got older. When Jacob was born they got a crib for free and wanted to put it up in my room so he had a place to sleep when we visited. However, it meant the shelf had to go. I really wanted it for Jacob's room here because it was so great for storage, but when we checked the measurements, it was really just a little too big. It could have worked, but might have been a little overwhelming for the room. Darn. Well, the other day our neighbor across the street came over to ask if I could bring Jacob down to the sidewalk to show her mom, and as we were walking down the driveway she was telling me about a toy box that she had in her basement that was free for the taking. I went over to see it and pretty much instantly knew it was exactly what we needed! Good storage capabilities on a scale more appropriate for the room. It serves a great purpose right now, holding Jacob's books and some of his stuffed animals, as well as a CD player for some of the calming music we have (but haven't used yet). When he's older it will be great for larger toy storage in the bottom, and the shelves will be at the right height for him to pick out a bedtime story or grab his favorite animal. Not bad for free, eh? Just shows God provides, even for something as little as this...I couldn't use the one from my parents, but we got something just as useful, and still for free! Our neighbors are really great. Anyway, I thought it was a cool little story. Better than yesterday's, right? ;-)

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