Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Home Alone

Today marks the first day since last Wednesday that Jacob and I are home alone. Craig is back to work and I can't believe I only have four more weeks off. Jacob's been very gracious today, eating and sleeping really well. The heat might be knocking him out more than anything, but as long as it's not adversely affecting him, I appreciate it because it's an opportunity to get a couple things done around the house. I know, I should be sleeping, but right now I actually feel ok. The prospect of progress must provide a shot of adrenaline.

We had a good weekend with visits from lots of family. It was nice to see my brother and his wife, who were in from Portland, OR, and Craig and I took Jacob on a couple walks to enjoy the weather and keep him out of our hot house. We're going to be getting central air ASAP, so that will take a load off our minds on days like today (and nights like last night) when we're afraid Jacob is getting too hot.

His circumcision finished its healing process over the weekend, so we had another milestone. Diaper changes are so much easier now that we're not having to work around/worry about the umbilical cord and circumcision ring (it's this newfangled thing that keeps the maintenance to a minimum...it falls off on its own in a week or so)...now it's just avoiding any spray/projectile poop and making sure his little wee-wee is pointed down. Not too bad. Since both the circumcision and umbilical cord were healed, Jacob had his first real bath yesterday. Mommy and Daddy aren't too good at it yet, and Jacob hates it, but I'm sure we'll all get better with time.

That's about it from here for now...stay cool, everyone!

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