Monday, July 21, 2008

Busy Few Days

It was quite the weekend for Jacob. Craig was on the road for work so I took Jacob on his first roadtrip, down the thruway to Buffalo. We stayed with my parents on Friday and Saturday night. Jacob has his own crib there, in my old room. My cousin Lori came along with us. We had a good time hanging out with my parents...they just find him so fascinating! Friday night he got to meet his Great Grandma Ellman, and Saturday morning we went to the Canal Fest Craft Show with my mom, my aunt, and Lori. Jacob slept through the whole thing, thank goodness. We didn't have enough faith he'd stay asleep to stop and eat lunch there, but we got through all of the show before he started to fuss. After a stop at home, I packed him in the car and we headed out to Hamburg for his cousin Grant's first birthday party. He met his Nana and got to see his other set of grandparents, as well as his aunt, uncle and cousins. We had a nice time and Jacob was very well behaved, sleeping and being quietly alert when he was awake. On Sunday he survived his first church service. Luckily it was short. He slept through most of it, just piping up with a few of his grunts. They never lasted long. He started to cry once and I stepped out quickly, just in case, since we were right by the door, but he stopped pretty fast. He met two great uncles and a great aunt yesterday afternoon, and a friend of mine on the way out of town, before we finally came home. Here's our classic picture of the weekend, when he was sleeping in the boppy on my parents' couch...notice the almost-smile he's got on his face :)

This morning we went to the doctor. Everything looks good, and he is definitely a growing boy...he weighs 9 lbs., 10 oz.! Almost three pounds in a month! All of my questions came back as normal, so we're good for now.

We're also getting our central air today, so that will be nice to no longer worry about him getting overheated. Now if it could just stop raining...

Lunchtime for Jacob...and soon for his mother, as well :) Have a good day!

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