Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Baby's First Hickey

So, yeah...Jacob has his first hickey :) Yesterday afternoon I looked down at his arm and there was a mark on it. It was sort of purple. I thought maybe it was just an indentation in his skin from how I had been holding him, but the more I looked at it it just didn't look that way. Then I started thinking that maybe it was a bruise. He wiggles around a lot these days so I thought maybe his delicate skin just bruised from him being held too tight when he tried to wiggle out of my grasp. I felt bad, obviously, but he didn't seem phased by it when I pressed on it a little. But then I started thinking...hmmm...if it was a bruise from holding him, it should be higher up on his arm, around the bicep...not on his forearm. And then last night it hit me...it was from him sucking on his arm! Yesterday before we went to the doctor, Jacob was hungry. He'd already been fed but he's been eating a lot lately (hence the weight jump, I suppose), and I was planning on feeding him right before we left anyway. I just wanted to get myself ready ASAP so Craig could get back to the air conditioning people (still no A/C, by the way...our furnace's fan apparently wasn't A/C friendly so they have to add a part...supposed to happen today...though right now we really don't need the A/C anyway) and I could just feed him and go. Well, Craig was doing everything he could to keep Jacob from screaming while I was finishing getting ready (he's inconsolable when hungry), and had him on his belly on the Boppy pillow. He was sucking on his arm, which he tries to do a lot, but rarely gets a good suck going. Apparently he got a pretty good grip on it this time, because he left a mouth-sized purple mark on it! I knew babies can give themselves sucking blisters (one of the babies in the special care nursery had one on his arm, and I saw on a baby show where a baby was born with blisters on both arms from sucking on them in utero), but I couldn't believe he'd managed to give himself a baby hickey!

Knock on wood, he's been pretty good (though very hungry) the last couple days. He's had a couple diaper blowouts recently, which probably means he's almost ready for the next size diaper...and based on his weight yesterday, I suppose he is. Of course I just bought a new pack of the small ones, so we might have to suffer through them for another few days. The other ones seem so huge (we have a huge box of them waiting in the wings!), but I guess he'll grow into them! Even though the changes I see in him are subtle, I can definitely tell he's changing fast. He's a lot chubbier than he was when he was born, even though he still looks pretty skinny. He's definitely more of a handful. I feel like I need to be taking more pictures of him because he'll never be this size again, you know? I just can't wait until he starts smiling so the pictures have a better chance of looking really cute. At this point he's got two looks--awake or sleeping--so the pictures are tough to make interesting, but I know I should be taking them nonetheless!

Speaking of which...he's getting fussy so it's time to go. Have a great day!

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