Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Baby Pictures!

Hey everyone! As I mentioned yesterday, today was our 20-week ultrasound. All went well, I guess! The baby is weighing in at 12 oz., which is right on target. As nice and simple as our last ultrasound was, this one was crazy...lots of looking around, lots of measuring, and a lot more unidentifiable blobs! I think everyone goes through many of the same issues when you're watching an ultrasound. Lots of squinting, trying to figure out what's what, lots of fake nodding when the technician says, "And this is the ______," when you're not sure you really see it, and lots of trying to ignore the fact that at times the baby shows up as a miniature skeleton. That part is especially freaky. Seeing the spine and the other bones can be pretty cool, but the head gets a little creepy when all you see is the skull. However, it's a relief we didn't have any sort of, "Hmmm..." moments from the technician, so I took that as a sign that everything looks normal.
The baby moved around a lot and kept putting its hands up by its head. It's pretty bizarre to try to figure out how the baby is in there, though. We were probably in there a good 30-45 minutes (there was a student who did the first half of it, plus I had to pee a couple times because my bladder was too full (they tell you to drink an obscene amount of water beforehand, but apparently that will no longer be necessary)), but after all that I'm still confused on how the baby's hanging out in there. I know which side the feet are on (the side I'm feeling the most kicks) and that the head is sort of curled up somewhere on that side too...but the spine view came from the way other side of the who knows!
Regardless, it's still a pretty cool experience, though hard to explain. There are moments where you hardly recognize what you're looking at, and moments later you're totally amazed by what you're seeing. It's such a crazy feeling. I'll definitely look forward to this ultrasound with baby #2 someday, because we'll find out the gender for that one and I think it will be a cool little bonus. It's amazing to think that we could know what we're having already...that we could stick with pink or blue, girls' names or boys' names...but I think this time around it's a unique experience to not find out and be surprised. Either way it'll be amazing, so it doesn't really matter what we have. Next time around it will be a little different, because we'll probably be hoping for whatever we don't have this time around. No matter what we'll love baby #2 the same, obviously, but when you're hoping for one or the other, it's probably helpful to have a little time pre-birth to adjust in case you don't get your wish. But this time around, I think the anticipation will be fun.
I think this is probably the best picture of them all from today, a nice profile shot. I don't think this one needs much explanation. Looks like a cutie to me already :)

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