Thursday, February 28, 2008

Doctor's appointment

Another month, another doctor's appointment. As usual, this one was pretty quick and painless...other than not having a chance to pee before leaving work (and not wanting to risk having nothing left for the urine sample) and then having to wait 15 minutes before I got called in. Pregnant bladders don't like waiting!

The heart sounded good, except for the second appointment in a row, the baby moved away from the probe right after the doctor found the heartbeat. Funny to think the baby can sense the pressure of it pushing down, and has enough capacity to actually move, you know? One of these days there won't be enough room in there to move!

I got the official word that the ultrasound went well, and the baby is in the 49th percentile for size, which is just about average. My weight is fine, and I'm just about heavier than I've ever been. Or at least equal. At one point a few years ago I gained a bunch of weight from lack of working out and an abundance of bad eating and stress, and I think I was about at this weight by the time I started going to my infamous class at the gym that's been kicking my butt ever since. That class got me jump started to working out at least a couple times a week, and if nothing else it got my muscles in shape enough to up my metabolism. I lost a good 8-10 pounds at some point in the year or so that followed, and kept it off ever since. Until now.

Amazing, though, that it's taken five months of pregnancy to put all of that back on. I attribute that to eating well, avoiding the temptation to sit down with a bag of chips, carton of ice cream, or a candy bar, and continuing to work out. In fact, I have class again tonight. It's definitely getting harder and I've had to alter a few things to make it more pregnancy-friendly. No more crunches, no more laying on my stomach or flat on my back (exercise balls help a lot, and just keeping myself steady is a good butt/hamstring workout), and just not pushing myself too far. It's a fine line between not wimping out and being sensible, but I'm being careful. It'll all be worth it if/when I don't have a ton of extra weight to lose after the pregnancy. I'm a small person and weight shows up fast on my frame...and when I've got plenty of extra weight to carry around already, anything I can save myself is good for my sanity, my health and my baby.

Oh, and the strangest part of the appointment? The doctor mentioned that we have to start looking into pediatricians! She said we should have one set by about 30 weeks. Ahhh, those things that never cross your mind until someone brings them up. It's pretty crazy to think about, but yeah...assuming you go into labor early you need to be set with that stuff...makes sense. And regardless, the baby goes in for an appointment a couple days after you go home, I think (unless all those baby shows on TV just do that for show...guessing not), so you do need one right away regardless. Just one more thing to think about...


Corrina said...

The peditrician that you choose will actually visit your baby in the hospital. And then yes you take the baby in for the first appointment usually when he/she is one week old. Have you thought about weather you are going to try breastfeeding? If so I would highly recommend looking for a peditrican with a lactation consultant at the office.

AmyRyb said...

Corrina, thanks for the advice...the more I get into this stuff the more I realize we have no clue about a LOT of stuff! The doctor did mention that if the pediatrician didn't work with the hospital we're at the hospital has their own that take care of things. But the lactation consultant is probably a good thing to know, so thanks :)