Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Life without zippers

As I mentioned yesterday, today I decided to jump head first into my pool of maternity clothes. If I am not completely exhausted and desheveled by the end of the night tonight, maybe I'll try to snap a picture or two to post, just to comemmorate this momentous occasion. Anyway...I couldn't stay awake long enough last night (recurring problem lately) to do a test run, so I had to try it out this morning. My black maternity pants are a little long and still a little big in the waist, but otherwise they're not bad. I may hem them up a little bit when I have a chance, but I can wear them with really tall shoes. I just don't want to risk dragging them, though...these have to last through months of frequent wear. They actually made me feel thinner than my regular pants because their lack of buttons, zippers, or fasteners of any kind make them less bulky around the waist. With my normal pants that bulk happens to fall right where I'm fattest right now, so that was a bit of an issue. The maternity pants are pretty comfy, and it was almost this pleasant surprise to go to the bathroom today and realize I just had to pull them down...no hooks or zippers or buttons to worry about. That was pretty cool, and I will enjoy it the next few months, but elastic waists are not something I want to let myself get used to.

My shirt, however, doesn't really make me feel thinner. It's not a maternity shirt, because I'm still not big enough for the ones I have. Real maternity shirts just sort of hang there, and without a belly to really prop them up, they're just long. So for now I'm stuck with non-maternity shirts that aren't fitted. I'm wearing one of my new ones today, one of the clearance purchases from the Macy's juniors department. Not bad, though I've always felt that shirts like this make it look like you're hiding something...namely a big belly (pregnant or otherwise) underneath. Now, if you're carrying a few extra pounds, shirts like this are better than something skin tight that shows off every roll, but I don't think they really fool anyone. So now I've got a complex about wearing shirts like this...either that a) people are going to think I'm overweight and I'm trying to hide it; or b) that everyone's now looking at me going, "Aha! She's finally made the switch over to maternity!" because this is the first time I've worn anything like this so far. Of course, I'll most likely walk in tomorrow wearing my normal clothes again, but then they'll be focused on my stomach because it MUST be bigger if I was wearing maternity clothes the previous day. Of course, now that I know how comfy maternity pants can be, I might want to wear them more...but then I have to get more long shirts because I don't own much that's long enough to cover the belly panel. Doh!

I know, I'm way overthinking this whole thing. Hardly anyone in the office sees me all day, anyway. Oh well. At least I can pretend I'm sitting here in pajama pants or something...that alone makes for a good day :)

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