Wednesday, February 27, 2008

General Update

Not much of note going on this week, so I guess I'll just go over a few odds and ends....

First, the belly button ring has officially been put to rest. I did finally put it away, so now it's officially out of sight and out of mind, I guess. It's still funny to not have it there when I'm doing my daily cocoa butter routine.

Second, a fourth woman in my office announced she's pregnant this week. She's really early along, though (too early to be telling people, in my opinion, but whatever...her choice). Must be something in the water around here! I'm still the only one on kid #1, so at least that makes me special :)

Third, it's cracking me up how different I can look day to day, depending on what I'm wearing. On a day like today, where I'm wearing a slightly oversized sweater, I just look like I've put on a few pounds...and all in a really unfortunate manner in the stomach region. I wouldn't say it looks very obviously pregnant, though. But when I pull out the maternity tops, I look a lot more pregnant. The maternity tops (or pseudo-maternity tops, the normal tops I'm making my maternity tops) are probably more flattering to my body as a whole, however, and in most cases I'd rather look pregnant than fat anyway. It's just funny having a different look from day to day, though.

I do wonder how many people in the outside world look at me and wonder, though. Particularly at the gym, since I'm only wearing oversized t-shirts now, and even those get a little snug in the belly area. I wonder if people are like, man, she really should get in here more, or if they're like, wow, kudos to her for coming in here pregnant. Not that it matters...but in this society of people afraid to ask the, "Are you pregnant?" question, or any related questions, for fear that a woman isn't, I guess I'm doomed to wonder...and so are they :)

Tomorrow is my monthly doctor's appointment, which means another of the best kind of visit to the gynecologist clothes stay on AND I get to hear the baby's heartbeat! Does it get any better than that?

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