Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Pregnancy...Celebrity Style

When I first got pregnant, I was actually pretty excited to see who the next celebrities would be to announce they were pregnant. After all, it's become a pretty big trend in Hollywood these days, and I thought it might be fun to see paparazzi pictures of famous people at the same stage of their pregnancy as me. I think Jessica Alba was the first one to announce, followed by Jamie Lynn Spears. Hmmm. While Jessica Alba wasn't bad, my preference was to have someone who was classy and happily married (or whatever that looks like in Hollywood). Jessica Alba is classy enough, but the baby daddy in her case was her on-again-off-again boyfriend. Not ideal, but whatever. I won't even go into Jamie Lynn Spears. At long last, Nicole Kidman announced she was pregnant, which fit my criteria pretty well. Unfortunately, I don't think I've seen one photo of her since then. Bummer.

The other day I was reading some celeb news (sorry, I get bored and it's there) on At the top of the page there's a menu option of hot topics, and there you can choose "Baby Bumps", which gives you the most recent celeb news and photos within that topic. I just went there, actually, and it appears that Jennifer Lopez has checked into the hospital to have her twins. Anyway...they had some updated pictures of Jessica Alba. I'm thinking she and I must be at about the same point, give or take a week or two, because she seems to have the same sort of belly thing going as me. Of course, she does look way better because she started out looking way better, but it did my heart good to see that she's got a bit of the awkward belly that I've been complaining about. If you look at the fourth photo, you can see she's got a bit of the belly button crease issue going on. Mine is still far worse, but hey...she can't be loving it either, considering how good she looked pre-pregnancy. She does look awfully comfy in those clothes...maybe she can't find many maternity clothes she likes either. Haha. Interestingly, I was just poking around more and found some articles saying that the National Enquirer is reporting that she's having twins and that the due date is June 8th. Well...if she's having twins and the due date is correct, then wow...she's looking extra good. But based on my experience and seeing the pics of her, I'm not convinced. That'll be interesting to see...

I used to think the term "baby bump" was cute. Maybe I will again as time goes on, but right now I don't feel like my belly can accurately be described as a bump. A "baby lump", maybe?

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