Monday, February 25, 2008

Adios, old friend...

Well, I finally did it. I took out my belly button ring. I'm sure this will bring about much rejoicing from my parents, who were quite crushed when I originally got it. And while I'm not particularly bummed about its demise (I knew it was coming at some point during my first pregnancy, whenever that ended up being), I was surprised at how hard it was to do. After all, I've had it for about a quarter of my life.

I got it shortly after getting out on my own, about when I turned 22 back in 2000. While some would assume it was a bit of a rebellious act, I still don't really think it was. I thought it was something interesting and perhaps a bit out of character (which was always fun to surprise people with), but at the time, it served as a motivator to keep my stomach flat. I had seen too many heftier women with belly button rings, and that was exactly who I didn't want to be. So...I figured that if I got one, with that negative image in my head, it would keep me motivated to keep my stomach looking good. And other than a short span a few years back when my job was sucking the life and energy out of me, it worked. And even during that time I suppose it served as a bit of inspiration to get back to where I was.

So, here I am, 7-1/2 years later, taking it out. It's a farewell to the younger me...which is really ok because there isn't that much I want to hold on to from that time anyway. Most likely the hole will close up and it will be gone forever. I'll have a bit of a scar (mostly thanks to some keloid scarring back from the early days when it just wouldn't heal right), but all things considered, it's a small price to pay when you think about how much worse it could have been....say, an unwanted or overstretched tattoo. This one's less obvious and was cheaper to get rid of :)

I just thought that in the end it was funny it took me this long. It actually still wasn't showing up under my clothes on a regular basis, but I took it out yesterday because it was distracting me. I was trying on everything left in my closet so I could figure out what still fits and clear the rest out (wow, did I do a lot of laundry yesterday). The indent where my belly button is was distracting enough, let alone the little extra bump from the end of the barbell (the "earring", for those of you unfamiliar with body piercing terminology). So, since I knew the moment was coming anyway, I took it out. Of course, I didn't put it away. It's been sitting on my dresser ever since, in case I chickened out and had to put it back in. It didn't really feel any different without it, other than the weird feeling of rubbing my belly and just feeling smooth skin there. That was nice but it still felt like something was missing. But again, I suppose that's the cumulative effect of more than seven years of having something there.

Another big step in this crazy process...

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