Monday, February 4, 2008

Recovering from the weekend...

Well, it's Monday...again. I actually had a pretty high quality weekend, all things considered. Craig was off on both Saturday and Sunday, which is a rarity. That won't happen again until the second weekend in March. And after that it won't happen again until May. So, you can imagine how fun that March weekend is going to be...fitting in as much as humanly possible. That weekend may be a registry weekend, maybe some painting...who knows what else? That's not to say that there won't be a day or two on weekends here and there, but this time of year I just assume he won't be around so it's a pleasant surprise when he is :)

As I mentioned in my last post, Saturday was mostly filled with shopping. While it may not have been particularly fun for Craig, it was nice to just spend time together. We watched a movie (I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry, if you're wondering. Not horrible, but it's nice to know we only spent $1.08 on the rental) and that was pretty much the extent of our excitement. Yesterday was all about a good nap and the Superbowl. We had a good time at the party we went to, hosted by a former Amerks co-worker and his wife. We didn't know anyone else there, but the people were all friendly and the food was great. Added bonus was that it was only about 2 minutes from our house. I ate a LOT, but I didn't feel too gross afterward...must be a nice side-effect of the pregnancy.

The belly continues to grow, but it's in hiding again today. No maternity clothes...just loose pants and a sweater that doesn't completely conform to my shape. Tomorrow I'll probably pull out the maternity clothes for the first time, just because we're off to Buffalo in the evening for Craig's mom's annual Mardi Gras fundraiser. That whole side of the family is probably getting fewer updates on this whole process (I don't know if Craig has ever forwarded this link along), so I figure I'll give them all a little bit of excitement and actually look pregnant tomorrow. Of course, I may give it a test run tonight and freak out, so no guarantees.

As far as the belly itself goes, it's not totally freaking me out yet. I sort of like that it's there (for obvious reasons), but when I really sit back and realize that my body will never be what it was, that's a bit depressing. Before it really started to grow I could think about whether or not I'd ever get back to that size, and if I did, it would be fine. Now I'm at a point where I know I'm not skinny anymore (I still look fine, I know) and if I never again get thinner than I am right now, I'll actually be pretty bummed. I'd have to get all new clothes, if nothing else, and I'm just lumpy, which would not be a good long-term look. I'll obviously do my best once this is all over to get back to my old self, but I know my body still has changes to go through that I haven't even fathomed. That is scary, but I'm trying not to think about that too much. Still, it's tough to wave goodbye to the best body you ever had. But who knows? Maybe my new one will fit in clothes better. Never hurts to think positively, right?

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