Friday, December 12, 2008

So awesome...

I really have a pretty awesome little boy. I know that sounds really parental of me, but honestly, the kid is amazing. He's so cute, really sweet, very content, and a great sleeper. He smiles all the time, laughs a lot, and is really pretty flexible. We went to the Amerks game tonight, and he was such a good boy. It was a late night and quite a bit of a change from his normal routine, but he was awesome. And then we came home and he went to bed without incident, even though I didn't get him from his carseat to the crib without waking him up. He just smiled as I put his pjs on and put him in his crib.

I figured it was time to go to a hockey game because we hadn't been there since Halloween. He's grown and changed a lot in the last month and a half, and I wanted to show him off again. In addition, Santa was at the game tonight. I'm creeped out by mall Santas so this seemed like a good opportunity since we know the Amerks' Santa. And seriously, you won't see a more authentic looking one anywhere. I'll post a picture soon. Jacob didn't smile, but he didn't cry either. Wait until next year!

Anyway, the whole time we were at the game people (even strangers) were remarking how cute he is. We ran into one of the teachers at Jacob's daycare (she's a season ticket holder) and she was saying how much everyone there loves him. And while I'm sure they love all the babies, he does seem to get a lot of love there. I think it's the dimple! Or perhaps it's just that he's so easy-going and only cries when he really needs something. Nice change of pace from some kids, I suppose.

The last couple nights he's been so happy, laughing a ton and keeping me laughing myself. He's been going down to sleep really well lately, too (knock on wood), and it's given me some decent time in the evenings to get things done or just relax with Craig like we used to back in the day. I spent a lot of time today talking to people at work because we had our Christmas party all afternoon. There was a lot of baby talk, and Jacob is definitely the king sleeper of all the new babies. He's also the oldest, but still...not by so much that he's getting in two hours more sleep each night than his next closest competitor. I feel bad for the rest of the parents, but I am immensely grateful for Jacob's sleep assured.

While I know I have my moments of frustration when he gets cranky or I just don't feel like running errands with 18+ pounds of baby stuff, I wouldn't change a thing. He's such an amazingly good baby, completely adorable and endearing, and I just can't get enough of him. He makes me smile, makes me laugh, and makes me so grateful for the amazing blessing he is. Every time I'm with him I marvel at how great he is. Again, I know this sounds so parental...and parents are totally allowed to be proud of their kids. But I just know I have an extra special baby...and I can only pray that he continues on this path and becomes a very special little boy--genuinely nice and sweet, well-behaved, and completely adorable. Of course, with all of those characteristics we'll have to make sure he's humble as well! For now, though, I am content to just enjoy him. Still can't wait until Christmas week...only one more week of work and then I have almost two weeks to enjoy him...YES!

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