Monday, December 29, 2008


I feel like such a slacker...Christmas was forever ago and I'm just getting around to posting anything about it. Although, we didn't get home until Saturday night and since then Jacob's been a little high maintenance. A marathon napper he is not.

Jacob had a nice Christmas...busy, but nice. My family's Christmas really got started last Monday with the birth of my niece, Kate. She's my brother's first baby (we found out they were expecting on the day of my first baby shower), which means I'm finally an aunt by blood :) Jacob is also an older cousin at the ripe old age of six months! Here's the first picture of them "together"...

As far as the rest of the week, was it busy. I felt like a terrible mother, but I had to send Jacob to daycare part of Monday and all of Tuesday just to finish everything up. I had some last minute baking and packing and wrapping to do just so we could leave Tuesday night. It was really crazy! I just felt like he'd be better off playing at daycare than having to run around with me for hours.

We had all of Christmas Eve day with Craig's family. We visited his Aunt Marie's house (which is usually the big family stop but was only a quick stop for us this year, for a few reasons), then went to church and back to Craig's parents for gift opening with the whole crew. This picture is just when we were leaving Aunt Marie' cute!

I don't have any pictures from gift opening because Jacob was eating his dinner through it all. Oh well. Still, here's a cute one I took while we were waiting to open them! Jacob did flop back into the tree a couple times while I was trying to get this shot...guess that head of his is just a little too heavy to hold up right now!

On Christmas morning we packed up and headed off for Christmas with my family. It's always quite an affair...a BUSY day. Dinner with my parents and grandma, then gift opening! Jacob loved his moose stocking that Grandma had for him (she's been sitting on it for a few years waiting for us to have kids!), and did pretty well with gift opening...he'd grab the paper and tear a little. Can't wait for his birthday!

This is Jacob showing how much he liked the sweater that Grandma knitted for him!

His big gift from my parents was already at our house, which was nice because it would have been a bear to transport. Jacob got a jumperoo, which he's slowly learning to use. Should have some good video at some point soon! He also got a wagon from some other family members, which will be great for summers to come! He got a lot of clothes (mostly from Craig's parents), and a few other fun toys, most of which make noise and light up! We had two more rounds of gift opening with both sides of my family. He wasn't a fan of all the commotion, but he seemed to survive pretty well nonetheless. All in all, it was good...lots of good gifts but not enough to tkae over the house completely.

He was a pretty good boy for most of the time away, though he's started this fussy back-arching thing, which isn't very fun. We're hoping it's just temporary. He slept pretty good, which was great, and he got to see a lot of people. We did have to keep up a twice-a-day regimen of his nebulizer treatments to try to kick his cough once and for all. He's handling them like a champ. We did put solid foods on the back burner while we were gone, but got back at it last night. We got through what I had prepared, but not without some fuss....still going to take a lot of practice.

Now I'm home with him for four days this week--two and a half alone--so it will be a crazy week. Lots of playing and lots of trying to get the house back in one piece when I can. I've been putting off a lot of projects until this week, so we'll see how many actually get done in between Jacob's needy spells. He's so happy a lot of the time but turns on a dime lately, whether he's hungry or bored. Speaking of which,his power nap is done and it's time to eat! Catch ya later!

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