Saturday, December 20, 2008

Six months

I can hardly believe that Jacob turned six months today. How time has flown. He's grown so much. The other day I was looking at pictures from his first couple months and just marveled at how much he's changed. I mean, I still see the same little boy I've always seen, but in reality his whole face has changed. He's filled out, his eyes have gotten wider and darker, and that smile is my favorite thing in the world...particularly when it is joined by a laugh! I laughed at how skinny his little legs were, and I'm so amazed when I think back to how hard those first few weeks were. Being at the hospital that first week was extremely difficult, if only because it was hard to get to know him when nurses were giving him most of his care. I just remember being so overwhelmed by it all...from the sheer discomfort (delivery is really brutal, from the obvious pains to muscle aches from working so hard), to the sleep deprivation, to figuring out nursing and pumping, and of course working out those hospital visits. It was a very disorienting time, almost like being in a fog. The whole first couple months weren't far from that either. Heck, I still have days like today where I feel like I still don't have it all together, for one reason or another. Today there wasn't any specific frustration...just a general fear of not getting it all done before Christmas, I guess. My to do list for the next three days is massive...thank goodness I'm not working. Jacob's definitely going to daycare for at least parts of Monday and Tuesday. I'll start being a full time mom on Christmas Eve!

Thinking back on all of this has me nervously excited for my brother and his wife, who should be welcoming their daughter on Monday. It's so exciting! And honestly, it's nice having been through it and now being on the sidelines seeing someone else go through it. You appreciate it a lot more. Being a parent is overwhelming, and some of it is so hard that it's almost difficult to wish it on someone else...but in the end it's all worth it. It's something hard that you have to go through to make it to the awesome stuff on the other side, once your baby really starts responding to you directly.

Anyway, even with days like today I marvel at how far we've come, and how far Jacob has come. Let's see...some of his more recent milestones...he's definitely sitting up better. He's still not entirely stable, but he's really getting a lot better at staying upright for longer periods of time before that big ol' head of his knocks him off balance. It appears he's also gotten better at rolling over both ways in bed. He used to just roll one way and get stuck on his belly, but I've been finding him on his back again more and more when I go to retrieve him in the morning. He still sleeps on his belly with his butt in the air, though. He's really getting into his toes. He likes to try to pull his socks off and grab and/or suck on his feet. Or sometimes he just sucks his toes right through the socks. He comes by it honestly, though, because I really liked my toes too.

And seeing as today marked six months, we gave solid foods a try. Well, semi-solid. The consistency of the first round of cereal is supposed to be really thin...basically breastmilk with a few little chunks of stuff. Jacob did ok. He spit a lot of it back out, which is normal. He didn't seem to mind the taste, icky faces. We'll just have to keep practicing. He kept grabbing at the spoon, which is going to get messy! Definitely need to buy that mess mat at Babies 'R' Us tomorrow.

We have his six month well visit on Monday morning, so we'll have a new round of stats and percentiles to report. I'd like to go in and complain about his cough again, since he's had it since August, but he's actually got a cold now so there's a reason for it again. It's bad again like it was a few months ago, but considering all that's floating around in there, that cough isn't the worst thing--it's all he has to get it out of there. Hopefully someday it will go away...or we'll find out that there's a reason for it, at least...allergies or asthma, most likely. Not good, but sometimes knowing why something is there is better than nothing. But hopefully we can get some good advice on this solid food thing and make sure all else is well.

We're supposed to get another round of snow tomorrow, which after Friday's horrible experience is the last thing I wanted. Keep your fingers crossed that the lake enhancement is kept to a minimum. I don't think it's stopped snowing here yet. We had perfect gentle Christmas snow all day, but it can definitely stop now that we're assured a white Christmas. I have too much to do in the next few days to worry about getting stuck again. Stay safe and warm, wherever you are!

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