Thursday, December 18, 2008

Random Stuff

Just a few random news and notes today...

Jacob had a massive blowout this morning. I swear there was poop over about 2/3 of his back, at least. It was really nasty. I'm not sure that onesie is ever going to recover. I somehow even gave myself a blister trying to scrub it out. I was feeding him and could tell he was going, but when I sat him up to burp him and could smell it really well, I figured something was up. And sure enough...yuck. Nothing like a monkey wrench like that into your morning routine!

Jacob is really, really cute. I know I keep saying that, but every time I look at him, whether he's smiling or sleeping or just being his goofy self, I can't help but think it. I have the close-up Santa hat picture from my last post as my work wallpaper, and every time I click back to my desktop I can't help but smile. He gets a lot of comments when we go out and people peek into his carrier or see us carting him around. When we got his pictures done the other night, the photographer kept saying how cute he was...though she probably says that about all of the kids.

Speaking of the photos...they went ok. I was a little underwhelmed by their backdrop options. Either Christmas or a black or white drape. Hmmmm. Since I didn't want these to be Christmas specific, it had to be one of the drapes...and since he was wearing mostly black, it had to be white. Ugh. We tried him in all different positions...sitting up (he did remarkably well...I hardly had to support him), on his belly, on his back, with me holding him...anything to keep him smiling...which was a challenge. Normally Jacob is so smiley, and he was at the beginning of the shoot. But as it went on he just sort of stopped. He didn't cry (he whined a bit once), but he just didn't smile either. I don't know if he just wasn't in the mood, or if he was getting bored, or if he was too interested in the camera to bother with anything else. Afterward he was smiling again, so who knows. The other issue was that he's got a bit of a cold right now and his nose is extra runny these days. As a result, he's got quite a dry patch under his nose. I put cream on it a lot and it generally looks better in the morning when his nose has been running less overnight (it all must run into his throat instead, since we're back to a bad cough...poor thing), but at the end of the day it's pretty rough. So, the couple good close up shots weren't particularly attractive in the nose region. Ugh. I did manage to pick one pose that was cute, though, so I guess that's good.

In other news, I'm getting a little extra nervous about tomorrow's weather forecast. We're supposed to get like, 6 to 9 inches of snow during the day. Overall it's just terrible timing. For one, it's my last day of work this year. I have a lot to do and even if we got released early, I probably wouldn't be able to leave. And now that I have to pick up Jacob (Craig's got a game...that no one will be at if this thing is as bad as they say it will be), it makes me even more nervous because I don't like driving in weather like that, nor do I want to risk getting stuck somewhere and not be able to get to him. It's that much scarier with a child now....who knew? And the other issue? I won't be able to shovel. I'd hope I'd be able to get in the driveway, but if the plows come out during the day I could be in trouble. It'd be awful if I couldn't get in the driveway or if I got stuck, because I don't want to just leave Jacob in the car, nor can I just leave him in the house if I had to shovel out. Hmmm. I shouldn't worry about it yet, but it crossed my mind and has me a little concerned.

I guess that's about it for I said, random :)

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