Wednesday, December 10, 2008

One year ago...

One year ago today Craig and I were just getting settled on vacation in Florida. As much as that life is a world away now, sometimes it just seems like it wasn't that long ago...certainly not a year. So much has changed. There are days when I can hardly believe that I've gone through an entire pregnancy and have a nearly six-month-old baby since we were in Florida last year. It was somewhat of a last hurrah for us as far as getaways go, so it was definitely a special time.

I have a lot of random things that come to mind from that trip. I was so nervous about traveling pregnant, from imaginary risks of flying to real risks of riding rides, from worrying about feeling good enough to enjoy it to fears of what would happen if something went wrong while we were there. I won't lie...I did have this random thought about how horrible it would be if, say, the plane crashed and Lori would have been left with the issue of telling people I was pregnant. Yikes. Fortunately none of that was a problem. We had a wonderful trip that was only besmirched by horrific travel on the way home (a canceled flight, missed connection, and 10 hours of delays due to LOTS of snow).

I vividly remember the joy of getting down there, taking in the warm weather, giddily changing out of my jeans and hoodie, relishing the feeling of flip flops on my feet, and heading off to lunch at CiCi's Pizza (yummy pizza buffet, for those of you who have never seen the commercials on TV) while we waited for our FREE accomodations to be ready (golf tournament prize that Craig won years ago). CiCi's was a planned stop because I had been dying to go to one and it was right down the street from our apartment. I was still in my bottomless pit phase, so the buffet was awesome and I ate a ton. Miraculously, I starting coming out of my first trimester blahs right in time for the trip, so that was a relief. I think I had a couple mornings where I wasn't feeling particularly chipper, and I think there were a couple evenings where I conked out a little early, but that was about it. I remember being a little self-conscious about my belly when I put on my swimsuit, though I wasn't really showing at the time...a bit bloated maybe, but that was about it.

I agonized over not being able to ride rides at Disney. I had been waiting years to ride Space Mountain and so many other rides, and most of them had pregnancy warnings. Ugh. At that point it probably wouldn't have been an issue (a placenta detachment from jarring motion or G-forces might have been the biggest fear), but I figured it wasn't worth the risk. The only exception I made was the safari ride at Animal Kingdom because, well, isn't that the whole point of the place? I did some research online and people said it wasn't that rough and was fine for (early) pregnant women. And thank goodness, because it was really great. My energy level held up really well with all of the walking we did, and we really covered a lot over the course of the week.

We did a lot of Christmas shopping over the course of the trip, which was a godsend in the midst of not having had the energy to do much shopping prior to the trip. We also looked at all of the baby stuff with a newfound appreciation, though we didn't buy anything since most was either pink or blue and we didn't know what we were having...and I think at that point we didn't want to jinx it. As we went through the various attractions at the parks, we talked a lot about coming back someday with our kids, noting in particular things that we thought we'd all really enjoy and appreciate more with kids than we did as a couple. I do think it was a little sobering to look around and see people juggling kids and all of the stuff that they require, not to mention the thought of how much it costs to feed kids there. Yikes. Definitely intimidating.

But here we are a year later with an amazing little boy. While a vacation would be nice I don't know if I could be away from Jacob for too long. On the other hand, I'm still a little nervous about traveling with an infant. I can barely get myself through an airport, let alone a baby, a car seat, and whatever else. Oh well. It's been a whirlwind year, but what an adventure. I'll leave you with some pics from the trip, as well as a very holiday-appropriate video of the fantastic light show at Disney-MGM....awesome.

Cinderella's Castle...pretty :)

All Legos...except Craig, obviously!

Me with favorite character from my last trip to Disney!

The only picture we had of us together, in front of Canada at EPCOT.

And now...more Christmas lights than I have ever seen in my life...

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