Sunday, December 7, 2008

Sick Mommy :(

Today was not fun. This morning on the way to church I just suddenly didn't feel well. My stomach gurgled a bit during church and although I was starting to feel tired, I did some running around with Jacob while we were already out and about. Long story short, by mid-afternoon I was not doing well. Craig was on the road for a lacrosse game, so I was feeling really stuck. I called Lori and had her come in to take care of Jacob. It was a lifesaver, because I was puking by this evening. All I can do is hope that it's not something contagious, because I do NOT want Jacob getting this. It's hard enough when it comes out of both ends, let alone when a baby can't run himself to the bathroom. After two rounds worshipping the porcelain god (or the plastic garbage can--plus some earlier lower digestive issues), I seem to be doing better (knock on wood). All I've had since breakfast is a couple crackers (one came back up), a little bit of jello, and a freeze pop, so I'm a little weak. I've had a bunch of water to stave off dehydration and keep my milk supply up. Lori fed Jacob one bottle because he'd been fussy nursing all day and my theory was that the dehydration had already kicked in, plus I didn't want to go near him. Wish I could have stuck to that earlier today before I felt this crappy. Craig tried another bottle earlier but that didn't go well and I ended up having to nurse. Jacob had a hard time going to bed, but it could have been the disruption in his schedule that did it. Who knows. I'm just hoping that we're both ok in the morning. Being a sick mom is not fun and I am so grateful to Lori for being able to come over and help out. I would have had one miserably crying baby without her, because I could hardly pick him up. That is a scary feeling. Keep us in your prayers...

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