Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Mouth-Related Stuff

Couple quick notes while I have Jacob standing on my leg fairly contentedly....

We had a really good food night tonight. Last night was okay, but tonight I made it a little thicker so it wasn't so drippy when I tried to feed him. He ate it rather well. I still have to leave the spoon there most bites to catch and refeed whatever he spits out, but I think he's getting better!

Also, today I was feeling around in his mouth when he was being fussy, and I felt something funny. The thing is, if it's a tooth, we have one abnormal baby. Instead of being in the front of his mouth, it's back on the side. Of course, that would explain his constant chewing of his hands on the side of his mouth. But do babies ever get those teeth first? Weird. Something to watch, I guess. The good news is that I think that tooth will hurt less when it comes to nursing than the front teeth, so all the side teeth can feel free to come in first! We'll keep you posted!

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