Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Is it fall already?

It hit me this morning as I looked out my kitchen window and could vaguely see cars in the school parking lot behind our house that today was the first day of school. Seems like just yesterday I was looking out that same window wondering when school was going to be over...because for those students it didn't end until June 27th...a full week after Jacob was born.

Needless to say, this summer has been a bit of a blur. I liken it to the summer Craig and I got married, where we spent the beginning of summer waiting for the wedding, and by the time we got back from our honeymoon in early July, the 4th of July had passed and summer was already on the downswing. Even worse, we spent the next month packing to move into a new apartment, so by the time we were settled, it was well into August and summer was almost over. This year has been much of the same, with similar timing. We waited for Jacob all through June, then spent all of July trying to get used to life with a baby. I went back to work in early August, and suddenly my birthday's passed, Labor Day was early this year, and we're already three days into September. Kids are back to school, the trees are starting to turn (yep, seen a bunch already), and fall is well on its way. I don't want to say that I feel gypped, because it's really been quite an amazing summer as far as life experiences go. However, the weather is only good for so long around here before it turns to crap for about eight months, and I feel like I've missed out on a lot of usual summer stuff. I didn't get to ride my bike at all this summer, Craig and I didn't get to do our annual trip to the drive-in (though Jacob will definitely enjoy it for years to come), I hardly got a tan (a couple sunburns did fade into a tan I couldn't sustain, though), I never got my blond summer highlights, and I still haven't been on a roller coaster for a couple years. I tried to enjoy the nice weather by taking walks with Jacob while I was on maternity leave, but even that took more coordinating than I expected so it didn't happen much. If the weather was good, I was inevitably more interested in a nap. If Jacob was finally fed and changed and ready to go, it clouded up for one of the many freak thunderstorms we had this year.

I know all of that stuff will come back in the summers to come. I'm not upset or anything--how could I be when I have such an amazing little boy to show for it?--but it's just an odd feeling knowing that summer came and went so quickly. I think mentally I was waiting for some of those summer traditions to happen, and now that they never did and summer's ending, it's like, "Wait a second..." I'm thrown off by all of the Halloween decor in the stores already, and hearing and seeing things about fall, fall colors, or the coziness of fall make me feel like I'm losing my battle to hold on to summer. The weather hasn't turned yet, thank goodness, but I'm sure that's not far away. I'm not even remotely prepared to dress a baby for cold weather right now, so I'm dreading that even more than usual, I think!

It also blew my mind, by the way, that it's been two years since Craig and I took our trip to Seattle and Portland. We left the Wednesday after Labor Day (in essence today, though it was the 6th or something that year) and had a fantastic time in both cities. The weather was perfect, but by the time we got back to NY, it seemed like fall had set in here. That was a bummer...hopefully it holds out longer this year. Amazing to think how much has changed since then, with us having a baby and my brother and his wife (our hosts for the Portland leg) getting ever closer to a baby of their own. How time flies.

Anyway, for today I'll leave you with another photo from our "Jacob Slept Through the Night" photo shoot from Saturday morning...

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