Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Great weekend

We had a pretty awesome weekend. Craig was off to Pittsburgh with his dad and brother to take in some baseball, and Jacob and I headed to NT for a weekend with my parents. They're always so excited to see Jacob, and I figured it would be nice to have some support in case Jacob tired me out! It was extra fun because old friends of the family had a party on Sunday and I got to see some people I hadn't seen in a while...and show off my little boy!

Jacob really had a great couple days. He was in a great mood a lot of time, slept pretty well (other than that pesky cough--gotta be allergies, poor thing), and smiled up a storm. He's getting really good at that, as long as he's in a good mood...which happens more than you'd think. As long as he's been fed and has slept a bit, he can usually be coerced into smiling. And it is so incredibly cute. He makes me laugh half the time because the big gummy grin just cracks me up. It's a good ego boost to be able to get smiles out of him, but there are still moments where he'll just be staring off into space smiling, and who knows what is making him so happy. He's making a lot of new noises lately, getting into the cooing and squealing...it's really funny to hear him when he's just hanging out alone in his crib doing that. He loves laying on a blanket on the floor and just flailing around. He's not too coordinated yet and hasn't really figured out how to respond to toys (pretty much stuffed animals and things that make noise at this point) but you can tell he'll get there soon.

Jacob got to meet another baby, as my parents' friends' daughter who lives down the street has a five month old little girl. He should be used to other babies from daycare, but he seemed to be a little extra grumpy at that point and ignored her attempts to reach out and touch him.

Warning: Bodily Fluid Update - He did have two rather large (one explosive) BMs on Saturday (first ones for a few days, and none since...of course). The second surprised me, since it seemed like the first one cleaned him out. If only we could get that regulated a little better. Oh, and the second one wrecked this outfit for the day...bummer. But at least I got a good picture of him in it (see below). He wore his Bills onesie on Sunday, but managed to pee on himself while I was changing him before the game was over.

It was fun showing him off to a bunch of new people, and he got rave reviews as usual. He's adorable when he's awake, and he's an angel when he's asleep. He slept through a lot--a trip to a car cruise fundraiser at church, a Sunday lunch at Taco Bell, a walk to the grocery store, and church, among other things. He slept for most of the drive each way, but had a really fussy 15 minutes or so each time. That was a little more stressful on the way home, since it was crazy windy (thanks Ike) and I was paranoid about deer. He was great at the aforementioned party, though hungry, much to the dismay of a little girl (the hosts' granddaughter) who wanted to hang out with him but couldn't when he was hiding under the blanket eating. My mom almost attempted to explain breastfeeding to her (she's 3-1/2), but stopped short...I think that would have blown her mind.

We had a great time, and Jacob was so much fun to watch and play with. It's getting better and better every day, but now we're back to the same old same old for the week, where I just want to hang out with him but have to work all day and battle a ton of things that take over my evenings. This week it's thank you notes and cleaning. I'm the queen of procrastination, so I really do have to strike a balance somehow so the procrastinating doesn't take over and months have passed since my house got a good cleaning. Oh, wait...that's already happened. Hmmm. But anyway, he's really awesome....and slowly but surely the exhaustion of those first couple months is fading and the fun is taking over. Thank goodness.

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