Friday, September 5, 2008

Big weekend!

It's a big weekend, with Jacob's first BIG trip. I'm in a wedding for one of my best friends from college, and it should be pretty awesome. It's going to take a lot of coordinating since I'll be pumping periodically tomorrow and having to pass it off at some point. Godmother Lori is coming along with us so we can have an adults-only evening, which will be weird but nice. I'm sad that I won't see Jacob much tomorrow, because I'm off to get my hair done around 8:30, then I'll see him for a few minutes after the wedding (though I'm afraid to hold him for fear I'll wreck my dress before pictures--you never know what might come out of him! Also the reason I'm exclusively pumping and not nursing him), and then that'll pretty much be it for the day. Today and Sunday are long car rides, but at least I can look in the mirror on the backseat and catch glimpses :) It's been a lot of packing and coordinating (I think Jacob's got 1/4 of my suitcase and about 4 bags--boppy and carrier in one; diapers, wipes and extra burp cloths in another; bottles in another; my breast pump; plus the pack-n-play and a cooler to keep the milk cold.), but it will be worth it! Speaking of which, I need to finish getting ready. Here's another picture from Saturday's photo shoot to get you through the weekend!

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