Friday, September 12, 2008


Lately I've just been feeling really blessed to be Jacob's mommy. He's such a sweet, adorable little boy and I feel incredibly lucky to be able to be a part of his life...and have him as part of mine. He's still not as interactive as we're looking forward to him being (I know, we need to enjoy every stage, and we do...but it will be so much more fun when he actually responds to the toys hanging above him in his little baby gym, as opposed to just accidentally swatting them when he flails), but what signs of recognition we do get are really nice. Yesterday he seemed to be hugging back. May have just been that he was upset about something and was gripping a little more fiercely, but it was different and it was nice to feel needed! Smiles are always the best, and it makes me smile with amazement every time he flashes a big grin. Every time I click back to my desktop on my work computer, I smile because I created wallpaper for myself with the four pictures I've posted here from the Saturday morning "I slept through the night" photo session. It just makes me smile no matter what. Even just watching him sleep is enjoyable...he's like a little angel. Everything about him is just too cute. I thought this morning that me telling him how cute he is is going to have to stop once he can talk, because he'll go around telling people just how cute he is! There's a certain energy inside me every time I think of him growing older and learning new things, and seeing what kind of person he will become. And, I'll admit, I cringe at even the slightest thought that anything would ever prevent me from seeing that happen. He's just so amazing and I just keep wanting to know and see more. When I can put the exhaustion aside and just enjoy him, parenthood is the best thing ever.

Ok, enough of the heavy stuff...just a funny little story to head into the weekend. Until this week I hadn't taken any of the token bath time pictures of Jacob. I think the first time around we were too nervous, and every other time I've pretty much gone solo and there's no free (dry) hands for a camera. This week Craig was home at bath time so I asked him to go get me the camera once I had Jacob in the tub (which is when I always remember that I want to take pictures--and once he's there, I'm obviously not going to leave him). So, I took a couple pictures of him on his belly holding his head up, and then I turned him over to take one face-up picture. Craig scolded me for taking one that showed his, umm, stuff, but I insisted that pretty much everyone has that one (or more) embarrassing shot of them naked in the tub...and far be it from me to deprive Jacob of that embarrassment 20 years down the road! I dunno, maybe that's bad of me, but seriously, it's cute. I will, however, save him the embarrassment of publishing it here!

Happy Weekend!

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