Sunday, September 28, 2008

Health Update

Well, turns out Jacob has bronchiolitis. It's about what it sounds like, an infection in the lung area. I wish they could have figured that out weeks ago when we were at the doctor with him, but at least we can get to treating it now. We've got this crazy contraption to administer the medicine. We have an inhaler ("baby's first inhaler", as Craig put it...something only a parent with asthma could appreciate), and in order to give it to him in a less intense manner, there's this tube with a mask on it. The mask goes over his mouth and nose, and the inhaler connects to the other end of the tube. You press the inhaler and have to watch him take six breaths (there's a little doo-hickey on the tube to help identify a breath), wait 30 seconds, and do it again. He should clear up in about a week. If not we'd have to go back and get a nebulizer type thing. Ugh. He doesn't seem to mind this treatment as long as he's already in a decent mood, but apparently he wasn't a fan of the nebulizer they did in the office. We had to give him the treatment a couple times yesterday at my college reunion event, which probably looked a little funny. Despite that, Jacob did well for most of the day. He got a little fussy a couple times, but usually the solution to that is a good nap. He got rave reviews from everyone and was probably the youngest baby there. It seemed to freak out a couple people to see me with a baby, but then again, it freaked me out to see so many kids there as a whole. We figured out that the per couple average had to be about three kids. I think there were probably 20 couples and about 60 kids. Crazy. And the vast majority of those kids were born in the last 8-10 years. Quite a difference that time made...from college students to parents. Wow. Christians just like to populate the earth, I guess! It was a great event, though.

Back to the grind tomorrow. Bummer.

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