Thursday, September 11, 2008

Fascinated by Facebook

As I mentioned at one point, I recently signed up for Facebook. For those of you who don't know much about it (and honestly, I was one of them until I actually did it), it's a site where you can connect with friends. You can post pictures, leave people messages, and enhance your profile page with all sorts of stuff to show your interests or personality. I have 60-some "friends" right now (mostly means you can access their profiles and get updates when they add pictures, leave messages, etc.), which is nothing compared to some people. However, I don't just make friend requests randomly...I really want to try to keep it to people that I really am/was friends with, unless they request my friendship first. The majority of my friends are people I know from high school or college or work (past or current).

It's been an interesting couple weeks playing around with the site, and downright bizarre looking through people's photos. See, there are a lot of people from high school and college that I haven't seen at all or have seen sparingly since then. These days many of these people have kids. Over the weekend my college roommate Mary said she felt like she was in bizarro world, since I have a baby and she never saw me pregnant, and our friend Lois is married and she didn't meet Lois' now-husband until the day before the wedding. The last time she saw either of us things were just normal...and now, they're totally different. It's much the same with the pictures I see on Facebook. I never saw any of these friends pregnant, or in some cases haven't even met their significant others, but all these years later people have these completely different lives with kids and jobs and whatever else. It's not like I expected everyone to stay the same...but it's just weird to look at pictures of kids and see both of their parents in their faces and marvel at how far we've all come since school. It's just odd. Even weirder when I see people who were younger than me with one or more kids (like, they were just naive freshmen when I was a senior, and they ended up with kids before me!), or people with many kids. I can't get past one kid right now and I have friends from college with 3-5 kids. Wow.

For the first time the other day it started to sink in how fast life really goes. It's been speeding up pretty much since the end of high school, I the point that the past 12 years have sped by like crazy. I'm already 30, which just blows my mind because that's always been an "adult" decade in my mind...that by 30 you're pretty much an adult whether you like it or not. It always seemed so far away, and now it's here. The next milestone I face is the dreaded 40th birthday, complete with various Over the Hill-imprinted gifts, and as fast as my 20s went, I can't believe I'll hit 40 that quickly. On the bright side, I did cram an awful lot into my 20s, so I can only imagine how full my life will be in the next ten years now that we've entered the kid era of our lives. Everyone says it only goes faster once that happens, so I'm holding on for the ride. This summer alone has gone so quickly. The crazy thing is that I'm getting ever closer to the point where I can actually remember my parents when they were my age. Not yet, but close. Of course, I'm sure there are moments where they look at me and can't believe it's been 30 years since they were holding me as a baby.

Long story short, Facebook has provided me an interesting opportunity to catch up with people after 8 or 12 years apart, and it's been quite a jarring experience, almost like being in a coma for a while and waking up to a whole new world. It's been fun, though, and at least I have my own little jarring surprise for anyone who hasn't seen me in a while! It's been a nice way to show off Jacob, and he's received rave reviews!

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