Monday, September 8, 2008

The weekend

Well, we survived. It was quite a busy weekend with a lot of driving, and I am exhausted today. Jacob did pretty well on the drive, with only a couple fussy times on the way down (both completely allowed because he was getting hungry and we were just trying to get to a rest area or the hotel to feed him) and a few more on the way back. But as a whole he was good considering he's only 11 weeks old and 5-1/2 hours is a long time to sit in a car for anyone. Arranging the weekend around my motherly duties was interesting, but in the end it wasn't too bad. Having Lori there was a huge help. I couldn't believe how much we had to pack, and most of it was Jacob's! There was a bag for his bottles, a bag with extra burp cloths, diapers, and wipes, my breast pump bag, a bag with the boppy pillow and the Baby Bjorn carrier (since we couldn't fit the stroller, just in case), and the pack-n-play, plus he also got a quarter of my suitcase for his clothes. You can never be too sure with a baby. And good thing for the extra clothes...he chose the drive there to have another of his massive poops. Only a little snuck out of the diaper (enough for a clothes change, though), but there was a LOT in it. Could have been worse.

He also chose this weekend to stop sleeping through the night (though he picked right back up where he left off when we got home...whew). I'm not sure if it was the lack of the white noise from his humidifier, the lack of moisture making him cough more, or not being in his own crib, but both mornings he was awake at 4:30. I fell back to sleep on Sunday, but no such luck Saturday...making it an extra long day. Thank goodness for adrenaline and caffeine!

I pumped three times on Saturday (twice before I got dressed and once about 6 hours later at the reception--ouch, not fun to go that long), handed off the milk at the wedding, and even got to have a couple glasses of champagne since I wouldn't be feeding or pumping again for hours at that point! Other than a bottle at rest stops along the thruway each way, I managed to breastfeed him the rest of the time on Friday and Sunday, which was good because I missed seeing him on Saturday and needed whatever bonding time I could get. I started to get nervous when he was fixated on Craig at the wedding and would only smile at Lori on Sunday morning, but he seemed happy to see me by last night and this morning.

I did get a lot of compliments on my figure, which was nice. This wedding was a bit of a target for me throughout my pregnancy, as I wanted to be looking good by Lois' wedding. I found out she was getting married the day before I found out I was pregnant, so it's been this constant goal ever since. It's now come and gone and while I'm not 100% happy with my figure at the moment, it's not too bad and I can camouflage it well. I still attribute that to some good genetics and a lot of working out for eight months of the pregnancy. The bridesmaid dress helped too...very fitted so I had to have good posture, but it covered the areas that needed covering.

As a whole Jacob did well at every event we had him at...the rehearsal, the wedding, and the breakfast. He got rave reviews from everyone (neither Mary nor Lois had seen him yet), and it definitely added a go-to conversation topic for any of those awkward "I don't really know you that well but feel like we need to be social and chat" moments that happen so often around weddings. Craig and Lori kept him happy or at least moved him out of the room whenever necessary. He tired Lori out on Saturday night, but she had a lot of fun with him and got a couple great pictures of him smiling. No such luck for me...I don't have any pictures of him from the trip :( I do, however, have these:
Mommy & Daddy's first night out alone!

Mary, Lois and me (don't we all look so nice?)

We had a really good time and I couldn't be happier for Lois! I'm also excited because I may see Mary twice more this month (when it rains it pours--I hadn't seen her or Lois in almost a year, and we hadn't all been together since June '07), so that could be really awesome. One of my goals upon having Jacob was to not let it totally change who I was. There's all these stories you hear of moms losing themselves. I know why it happens, and to some degree it's not a bad thing. You become consumed by your child and their world, partly out of need and partly because you want to. My girl weekends have always been fun and they're one of the few friend interactions I have at this point, so I didn't want to lose those just because I had a baby. Now I'm pretty sure that one way or another I can pull them off. This was a great start, at least! I will say that I'm happy to be home, and once I catch up on my sleep, I will look back on this weekend even more fondly. It was really great.

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