Monday, March 10, 2008

The Weekend

Well, Saturday was one of my more frustrating days of this whole pregnancy process. It all started when we woke up to a good six inches of heavy snow in the driveway, and Craig had to go out there and shovel it all himself. Though you would think I would be happy that shoveling isn't part of my world this winter, it's incredibly frustrating. Shoveling was a great source of exercise last year, and being able to clear out the driveway myself at times was very gratifying. But this year, with Craig's busy schedule and me being unable to do it, the driveway has had some rough times. I hardly ever try to get the mail anymore because finding a safe path down the driveway and across the street (the street is always awful) is nearly impossible. And with it being so heavy on Saturday, I felt so bad that Craig had to do it all himself. He was exhausted by noon, and we still had a long day to go.

This weekend was Craig's only weekend off for a while. I think he had a Saturday and Sunday off in late January, but has been working pretty much solid since then, barely a weekend day off anywhere. And starting now, other than Easter Sunday, his Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays through the end of April are full with either home games or traveling. Doesn't leave a heck of a lot of time for baby preparations, so this weekend was our only shot to get a good solid start on our baby registry. While I realize I could do that myself, I felt like it was something we should at least try to do together, to get his input on things and just experience it together as parents-to-be. Believe me, not something I should do alone. For those of you who are unaware, I am terribly indecisive and when it comes to stuff like this that I have no clue about, it's even more of a disaster.

We were probably only at Babies 'R' Us for a couple hours max, but it was darn near torture. That sounds awful considering it's all for our baby, but was not fun. There are so many things to consider, with so many options for all of them, and it got really overwhelming really fast. As I've mentioned before, we don't have a lot of real baby experience, so most of this is totally new to us. We did what we could, guided by the checklist that Babies 'R' Us gives you, as well as a list of suggestions from my cousin's wife and her best friend, who have both been through this process in the past couple years. While both lists were helpful, there's just so many things to think about. Fatigue started to catch up with both of us after a while, and eventually I just gave up. There's still quite a few more things I need to go back and do, with more patience and more research. Target was right next door, but all we could muster was actually signing up for our registry there...we didn't even get the scanner. I was all scanned out.

Just a side note: If you're one of those get-ahead-of-the-game people, please don't run out and start buying up things on the registry, because it still needs a lot of work. I got online yesterday and changed up a bunch of stuff already, so I have no doubt that much more will be added and more changes will be made.

Anyway, after making those changes yesterday I did feel a lot better, but I'll probably continue to dread working on it again. However, it ended up being a fairly productive weekend, with moving more stuff out of the office and reorganizing our basement storage a bit. I even brought out my Easter decor and cleaned out some old paperwork from a filing cabinet, which felt good as well (once I recovered from my exhaustion). I guess I should just keep working on my to do list, because I have a LOT of weekends on my own coming up and should have plenty of things to do to fill them. Crazy.

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Corrina said...

Hey Amy. Sorry to hear about your frustrating registration experience. Personally I loved that process but I am strange that way. It did take several times of going back to Babies R Us. We did all the small stuff first. Then we had one whole day that we dedicated to the car seat and stroller, etc. Working on the registry online is a big help after you have started, as you have already discovered. If you need any help let me know. I loved the process but couldn't have done it alone. I would love to go to the store with you. I could come out there or if you are in the Buffalo area again I could help you at the store here. Just throwing out the offer. Let me know.