Monday, March 17, 2008

Belly Issues...

..and this time it's not about the size! I noticed two odd trends over the past few days that have me a little worried. And no, don't's nothing really serious...just little things that are a tad frightening to me. First, my belly button is flattening out. I've always had an innie, and recently I've noticed that it's getting shallower. The bottom hole from my belly button ring was never visible before, and now it is. And just in general I can tell that it's not going to be too much longer before it's not concave at all...and we all know what happens after that...yikes. All this time I've been annoyed that my belly button shows up as an indent under fitted clothes...and now I have a feeling it's going to go the other way before I know it! And I know that freaks some people out, so I'm really not looking forward to when that happens. Regardless...the mere fact that I can tell that my belly button is getting shallower is just...weird.

The other disturbing trend is that I'm suddenly super-snacky. I didn't have a great food weekend in general, but having some Easter candy around (it's only once a year...and as we all know, Cadbury eggs disappear after Easter!) has not helped matters. First it was malted milk robin eggs (my favorite), then Craig got me a couple Cadbury eggs as a treat before he left for Edmonton. Then I went to Tops on Saturday for my "stop-in-and-get-what-Wegmans-doesn't-carry" trip, and they had these yummy gummy bunnies with sugar on the outside (like sour patch kids, but not sour) and I had to try them. Then I had some left over Rice Krispies from making treats a while back, and decided to use up some leftover melting chocolate that had been in my fridge forever (the house was too warm to keep them anywhere else in the summer) by making chocolate rice krispie now those are sitting around the house, too. Then I come into work today and there's three dozen Tim Horton's donuts and two dozen green bagels sitting in the kitchen. While I usually try to steer clear of donuts, my one exception is my favorite donut ever, Tim Horton's chocolate glazed. So, I had to have one. But all day the remaining donuts and bagels have taunted me...and then someone brought out brownies. UGH! It's one big conspiracy, and I'm finding myself lacking my usual willpower. I'm hoping this is just a hormonal swing or something and I will go back to my normal, moderate-eating self sometime soon.

On the bright side, Craig is currently on his way back from Edmonton, so seeing him will be my reward after tonight's workout to work off a measley 200 calories of the 200-million I feel like I've eaten (or wanted to) the last couple days...

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Aunt Sue said...

Dear Amy, After reading your blog, I have come to the conclusion that you should have been a writer. You should think about writing a book. Please remember that this a very special time in your life and do not worry about how you think you look. You are bringing a wonderful person into the world and that is all that matters. Look at some of the pictures of your Mom and I when we were pregnant. I gave birth to Keith at over 8 pounds and Kristi came into the world at 9 pounds. Thank God for that as she needed all that extra weight to help her through her sickness. Today Keith is over 6 feet tall, skinny and Kristi is over 5' 8" and has long legs and a great looking body.

Please enjoy these days and do not worry about how you look. You do look great because you are going to be a mother. Also, enjoy your sleep time now, as that will definitely change.

Love you, Aunt sue