Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The Bright Side

In an effort to get away from my complaining ways and prove that I really am enjoying this experience, I've decided to do a list about the good things about pregnancy :) These are in no particular order...

1) Maternity pants - The ones I have are really comfortable...plenty of room after a big meal, too. And because the waists are elastic and most maternity tops are long, the fit doesn't have to be perfect. Thank God for that, because finding pants normally is bad enough, let alone when your body has taken on a life of its own.

2) Baby movement - This might get a little less fun sometimes when the baby gets big and strong, but right now it's pretty stinkin' cool. Kicks are neat, but one of my favorite things is when the baby's just moving around and my whole belly sort of moves on its own. I could watch it all day...too bad the baby's already picking up the "do it when mom's not looking" thing, because the second I look away during a lull of an active period, the baby will move again!

3) Eating - I know for a lot of women this perk doesn't start until 1/3 of the way through, but I've been able to eat all along. Early on I couldn't shake the nausea, but it was never more than a feeling...the food always stayed where it belonged. I may not have enjoyed eating it as much back then, but one way or another, the appetite has always been there. At first I was a bottomless pit, though I stayed full forever if I ate too much. Now I have a good, healthy appetite, and I don't have to be a crazy person about what I eat. I used to be very careful a lot of the time, pondering my food choices quite a bit. I still don't overindulge too much, but I eat pretty much what I want without feeling guilty. Still no bag of chips or entire candy bars, but if I have a good meal out or happen to have an extra piece of candy or something, it's ok. I have some extra calories to work with and try to make the best use of them...but slip-ups aren't nearly as problematic.

4) Break from working out - It's easy to get tired with your workout routine, so it's been nice to have it forcibly changed up a bit. It's nice to not kill myself every time I go to the gym (or feel guilty if I didn't), and hopefully I'll come back from all of this with a renewed vigor to get back to the gym and enjoy it. Having a differently shaped body also stops me from completely scrutinizing my figure, as well. I still look at it, of course, and get freaked out a bit by it, but it's not like I'm freaking out about every roll of fat.

5) Constant topic of conversation - There's almost always something to talk about now, even with people I wouldn't normally have full conversations with. I generally try to let them bring it up or only bring it up myself with a good segue, of course, but it's nice to have a backup. Even with Craig and me, there's always something else to talk about besides work...be it baby names or room setups.

6) Shopping - This hasn't always been a fun part of the process (see my last post) but it's still sort of cool to always have something to shop for, be it baby stuff or maternity clothes. I hadn't bought many clothes in the months leading up to this because I knew they might not fit by next year at that time, so being able to buy clothes now has been nice. The expense sucks a bit, but I've been really good about shopping clearance racks. I always used to get a little extra oomph from wearing a new outfit, so being able to have that almost every day is sort of nice. Of course, wearing them as much as I have to will probably make that wear off extra quickly...but by then it'll be warmer and I'll be bigger, so I'll probably have a set of new clothes again then anyway.

7) Getting out of things - I don't use this often (in fact, like my shoveling issue the other day, it can be frustrating), but it's nice to know the excuse is there when you need it. Whether it's not doing something because I feel tired or because I physically can't, it's not a bad thing to have an "out" in your back pocket. Craig's been really great, by the way. He'd probably be even better if work didn't take up so much of his time or tire him out. But all things considered, he's been wonderful.

8) Constant source of amazement - Whether it's the wonder at how my body stretches, or the coolness of watching/feeling the baby move, it's nice to have an ever-present fascination to keep the days interesting.

9) Sleep - Though it's still not what it used to be, it's nice being able to enjoy the thought of this baby in our lives, feeling the movements and anticipating its arrival, but still being able to get in a full night of sleep. I guess the sleep is a fair trade-off for the joy a baby brings into one's life, but right now the sleep is greatly appreciated.

10) The End Result - This is an obvious one...that we get the pleasure of meeting this little person in a few more months and spending the rest of our lives with him/her as a part of it.

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Lynn said...

Great blog, Amy. I started reading it all from beginning to end...I mean til today...Brings back lots of memories....Gosh, I feel old!!!! Enjoy...you look great! "cousin" Lynn