Thursday, March 13, 2008

Wishing for Spring...

As much as I love the early daylight savings changeover these days, I think it's just a bit of false hope. I definitely love driving home in sunlight, and being surprised when the clock hits 5pm because it's still so bright out. However, daylight saving time used to correspond better with the coming of spring, so I suppose whatever mental benefit I'm getting from more daylight is being equaled out by the disappointment that it's still 30-some degrees out and there's still a foot of snow on the ground.

For years it seemed like DST came in right in time for Easter, to steal a precious hour of sleep when I needed it most--before getting up at the crack of dawn for sunrise service on Easter. I know that usually that happened sometime in April and April can still be awfully chilly around here, but by then we'd probably had a couple 50-60 degree days in a row, and there was some hope that spring was coming. But obviously, with DST being so much earlier this year and last, it's this false trigger that it should be getting warmer...and it probably won't for a while yet.

I keep hoping it will, however, not just for the obvious reasons, but because it will make things easier going forward with this pregnancy. No more fear of slipping on ice, no more agonizing over not being able to shovel (and with Craig going on the road a bunch coming up, that's a real concern anyway), no more wondering how long my winter coat is going to keep fitting around my stomach, and more freedom when it comes to clothes-buying since I won't have to worry as much about trying to keep warm but getting things that will work for the months to come.

Of course, the sooner spring gets here, the quicker the baby will arrive...and we're definitely not ready for that yet! I'm trying not to wish away these weeks (being busy at work tends to do that), because I know this whole experience should be savored...and like I mentioned in my last post, I'm trying to enjoy as much sleep and relaxation as possible before our time is completely monopolized by this new little person! It's coming quickly enough...and anyway, I just know that the second it gets warm, it's going to get HOT (happens every year), and I don't really want to be roasting for months either!

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