Wednesday, March 26, 2008

"How are you feeling?"

I find this to be a tough question to answer, and it's one I get multiple times daily. I get that it's the normal question to ask pregnant women, mostly because it's so well known that pregnant women feel like crap in the beginning (often before they can tell people WHY they feel like crap) and get worn out by the end. I guess I'm in that odd stage in the middle, where I actually feel pretty good. I mean, I get tired (like everyone else...but maybe it just happens quicker when I do something to actually tire myself out), but my only complaint other than that is just adjusting to my ever-expanding belly. Physically on a day-to-day basis I feel fine, almost like a non-pregnant woman...until I look down or feel a good kick. So I guess I'm not sure what to say when I get asked that question, because 1) If I answer it truthfully, it's really uninteresting; and 2) If I really pick into any little issues that might be bothering me, I run the risk of sounding like I'm complaining (about something almost insignificant, nonetheless). I guess I have yet to find a good, middle-of-the-road, courteous response that shows I'm grateful for their concern and happily doing well, but without sounding like I don't want to have a full conversation. It's odd. And by no means am I saying that people shouldn't ask, because I think it's nice and friendly...I'm just saying I have no idea what to say back, and that's my own problem to figure out.

The "phantom movement" thing is really becoming a pretty common occurence these days, although I'm getting used to it so it's less phantom-esque. It's funny, because normally when I type, the area of my arms just below my elbows rest on the sides of my belly. And for whatever reason, on the right side the baby seems to gravitate to that area a lot. I'll just be sitting here typing and I feel my arm getting displaced ever so slightly, as the baby moves into that area and pushes out. I have no clue what part of the baby it is, unfortunately, but it happens quite a few times a day. I am feeling a lot of pressure all over my belly these days, but mostly on the right side. Like I said the other day, I think the days of the roomy uterus are over. When the baby's pushing out, my belly gets really tight in that area. It's not particularly painful, though it's a little uncomfortable at times.

Last night I was getting frustrated because I'd felt a lot of pressure all day, and then when I put on my maternity jeans, the band up top was feeling really tight...which is a whole other issue. Just when I was finally getting comfortable with my maternity wardrobe, I think some things are getting too tight, but only in the belly, so going up a size is going to make the rest of the pants too big. Ugh.

So anyway...the easy answer to the question should probably be: "I'm feeling good but still adjusting to my belly--the size, the activity inside, and all these odd new sensations." I know that stuff is only going to continue and get more intense from here on out, so I'm just going to try to brace myself and keep formulating a better answer....

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Mom B. said...

It's time you discuss if you've settled on a name for the baby yet!

Love! Mom