Wednesday, March 19, 2008

More progress...

Last night Craig and I took another baby step to getting the baby's room up and running. Over the weekend I put together Craig's new dresser (the one that would help make room in our office for a guest bedroom), and when Craig got home from his roadtrip he sorted through the stuff in his old dresser and moved things into the new one. Last night he moved the old dresser down into the basement storage room and we moved one bed into the office. My ultimate goal is to figure out how to do a trundle bed setup...without spending a ton of money. I'd like to have two beds available for guests without having to worry about air mattresses or anything like that. And hey, if we can pull that off, it's one less thing we have to store somewhere else in the basement. I'm not sure it's possible, though. IKEA used to have a cheap bed-trundle bed set, but they ditched the trundle a year or two ago....darn it. Worst case scenario we just trash or donate the other bed, because both the mattress and frame are old, but it would be a shame to have to get rid of it.

But anyway, one bed out of the baby's room is progress. I also moved one picture out of there to the office, and will try to move another (my prized eyeball picture, for those of you who have seen it...I know it's freaky but it's still cool) one of these days. The picture and frame are really heavy so it always takes a little planning to hang that one...studs and everything. I think I'm going to move one series of five little pictures from the office to my cubicle at work to free up some wall space, and I'd still really like to find some curtains that will tie the whole office's a bit of a mish-mash of stuff right now (different wood colors, a dark green rug, a bluish comforter on the bed, pink window valances...yikes), so anything I can do to make that room seem like it wasn't just thrown together would be nice. On the bright side, it's nice to have a bed in there so we have somewhere to lounge while watching TV online (when we miss an episode of something, generally).

It's nice to make progress, but each step like this makes all of this more and more real. We're making real changes for a major life event, and that's a little scary. Good scary, but scary nonetheless! Lots to think about, and less and less time to make it all happen!

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