Sunday, March 23, 2008

The difference 30 years can make...

Ok, picture #2 isn't the most flattering (I think I have to work on my angles with this new body), but I thought I'd have a little fun for Easter. A few weeks back I figured out that back on Easter 1978, my mom would have been about as pregnant as I was at that point (depending on when Easter fell), so I decided to pull out the family photo albums to see if there was any photographic proof. Sure enough, there it was. It's tough to tell how big my mom was at that point, but considering it was baby #2, she looks pretty good and fairly similar to where I was. Yesterday morning I had the brainstorm to snap a picture of that picture, then use it as an excuse to post a new picture of myself. I know I don't need an excuse, but seriously, it helps to have some sort of specific reason to bother. It's tough to tell how big I am in yesterday's picture, too, actually. Rest assured, the belly is getting bigger and bigger. It's still not huge, but it's a big change from where I started this process. I know I look very good for the point I'm at, though. Not much chub has migrated anywhere else, so for that I am grateful.
Anyway, I thought the Easter now and then thing was sort of funny, so I hope you enjoy it. Not much new to report, though yesterday my dad debated my use of the term "phantom" in my last post. I do know that it's a real baby and not a ghost (or nothing) making those movements, but I still think "phantom" is an allowable term because the baby plays the ghost, moving about without my knowledge and suddenly "appearing"!
I've been getting a lot of random body parts pushing on the inside of my belly today, so I'm thinking the baby is starting to lose its extra space in there. Things are only going to get more cramped from here on out!

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