Thursday, March 6, 2008

Random stuff

At work, we have a company e-newsletter that goes out to everyone in our seven offices. Even though I work out of the Rochester office, I actually work for the company as a whole...all seven offices. It's a lot to juggle sometimes, but the variety is nice. Anyway, I haven't mentioned to too many people that I'm pregnant, mostly because it's just awkward. Obviously everyone who sees me here in this office knows, but when my only contact with the other offices is via email and phone, there's no easy way to bring it up. I've said that the only way to do it is by complaining--when someone casually asks how I'm doing, I could say, "I'm exhausted" or "Feeling fat" or something along those lines, and explain the pregnancy thing from there. But obviously complaining isn't the way I want to do it and I can't think of any comfortable ways to bring it up. A couple people know via conversations with my bosses, but as far as I can tell, it hasn't traveled much beyond that handful of people.

When our quarterly newsletter came up this time, I had the idea to have the other two pregnant women in the office and me put our ultrasound pictures in the newsletter. I figured that was a sort of funny way to communicate the baby boom around here, while also getting the word out to as many people as possible that I'm pregnant and won't be around for chunk of the summer. Even if only a few people actually read it, word can always spread. We also decided to do a photo of all of us (including pregnant woman #4, the one I mentioned is really early along). We did one of all of us holding on to this pregnant stuffed bear, as well as another by the water cooler, all pretending to drink water...because as the saying goes, "Maybe there's something in the water..." It was pretty funny and had all of us giggling. I'm looking forward to the follow up picture for the summer newsletter, when at least 3 of the 4 of us will be quite big. Not often you can get in a picture like that!

In other news, Craig did finally feel the baby kicking the other night, and last night I actually got to watch my stomach move as the baby was kicking (or something). I don't think it was hiccups, unless they were really unrhythmic ones, but we're also still not at the point of having identifiable body parts, so it's tough to tell exactly what it was. I just kept watching this one spot on my belly move...really freaky...but really cool. I read today that the baby is getting a lot stronger and a lot bigger over the next month, so this could get interesting. My ribs are bracing for the onslaught...

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