Sunday, February 17, 2013


We came home today!  It's such a strange feeling (though quite natural) to bring home a baby on time after our experience last time around.  I'm hoping to delve into that more later, but to think that we're already home two days later, and would have still had so many days of angst ahead of us last time, just boggles the mind a bit.  But coming home today sort of brought closure to some things and made me realize what a crazy few days it has been.  Even though part of me thought this could happen this weekend, obviously you never know for sure, and the way it happened left things a bit frozen in time.  I went to work on Friday thinking everything was status quo, and ended up spending an impropmtu 2-1/2 days away!  In the meantime, Lori was here trying to pack up our stuff and my parents stayed here overnight.  The house is a bit of a mess, considering cleanliness wasn't high on my list late in pregnancy.  We'll have Craig's whole family here tomorrow, too, but I'm sure no one's going to judge.  After all, not only do we have a new baby, but it was a bit of a surprise.  Not like we planned to have people over like this a few days ago!

I still have a lot to do, but today was a lot of picking up the pieces from Friday--emptying out my briefcase of Friday's morning cereal bowl, sorting through Jacob's daycare papers, putting away the shoes I wore on Friday that came home ahead of me, and taking stock of the dishes and laundry my mom did while she was here.  I switched around my bra storage to put my nursing bras in prime position, and finally put the diapers in the diaper stacker.  This house is full of little projects I was too exhausted to do while pregnant in the time I had, and while I'm not exactly feeling fantastic at the moment, it'll be nice to be mobile again and not feel like every activity is a chore of massive proportions. 

I still just can't get over the weirdness of how suddenly everything happened.  As much as I'd been saying how I had plenty of time to prepare given how terrible I was feeling, when it actually all happened, it was so quick that it still shocks me.  Fron the beginning of the fluid to Carter's birth, it was just under 12 hours.  That's crazy fast compared to last time, where it was somewhere around 27 hours for that same process!  Last time it took a week to get us all home.  This time?  About 48 hours.  So, it's no wonder that /i'm periodically shocked when I realize I was pregnant last time I did something, and now I'm not...and we have this new little person here to throw a wrench into our normal schedule! 

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