Thursday, February 7, 2013

36 Weeks

Well, the beginning of my 36th week is starting with one heck of a bang.  Last night at bedtime Jacob was complaining that his belly hurt.  He insisted he didn't feel sick--it just hurt.  He woke up a couple times before we even went to bed because of it, but he never seemed to be in serious pain.  In fact, both times he pretty much shooed us back out of the room and fell back to sleep.  But at 1:30am, I heard a cry from his room and probably moved as fast as I have during this pregnancy to get to his room, just in time to grab a strategically placed bucket (we had brought in a bucket and moved some animals out of his bed, just in case) and catch most of what he was puking up.  UGH.  We let him get the first round out of his system, cleaned him up a bit, and then Craig and Jacob headed down to the bathroom to hang out and wait for more.  I cleaned up Jacob's bed--a few animals needed some wiping down, and I had to strip off some of his bedding.  I started a load of laundry and headed back up to check on the boys.  Jacob was better for the moment, but we got the boys comfy enough to camp out in the bathroom.  I've discovered that an old comforter and some towels work wonders with a puking child.  I would have taken a shift in the bathroom overnight, but I can't get comfortable in my own bed, let alone on a bathroom floor.  Not to mention that it's a little scarier for me to get sick at this point than Craig.  Of course, he was facing down a roadtrip so it wasn't ideal for him to get sick either, but in the end he and Jacob slept in the bathroom all night.  They did get some sleep after a second round of puking for Jacob--mostly water after we gave that a try--and I tried to sleep in my bedroom.  I didn't actually sleep much.  I was worried about Jacob, worried about us getting sick, worried about Craig going on the road, and I was getting kicked by the baby quite a bit as well.  I'm not sure I got more than a few hours of sleep.

First thing this morning I called daycare, and apparently a few other kids had called in from his room.  I had seen the notice that there had been a stomach bug floating through the room earlier last week, so perhaps this was its incubation period.  Ugh.  My next call was to work, and then I called my doctor.  I had an appointment for 2pm today, but because Craig had to leave for his roadtrip, I wanted to change my appointment to earlier so Jacob was still covered.  I got a 10:15am appointment, but that meant I had no shot at getting in even a half day of work.  Oh, well.  Inevitably there's always one weird week each year like this where I end up missing random days of work due to illness or other weird reasons.  Anyway, we took it slow with Jacob this morning, starting with water and eventually moving on to a piece of toast.  He kept that down, and I was going to give him more at lunch when I got back from the doctor, but he fell asleep.  I took the opportunity to sleep, too, until he woke up, took up half the couch, and then proceeded to sleep longer.  He probably slept for nearly four hours. 

He was fine the rest of the day, thankfully.  Craig and I each had our share of iffy stomach issues--nothing real, just a bit of unsettledness.  In fact, tonight at dinner I wasn't really hungry at all, which worried me.  I ended up having a couple pieces of toast.  I had been drinking water all day, so whether my stomach was off due to lack of general nutrition today or there's still something brewing, I'm not sure.  I've been trying to eat a little more tonight to make sure I'm not hungry.  We'll see how this goes. 

Like I said, I also had a doctor's appointment today.  Everything was fine, but as I expected, I have dilated further.  I'm at least at 3 cm, possibly more.  That is scary, because I think that's where I was last time at my final appointment before my fluid started leaking.  Could we have this baby within a week?  Possibly.  Inspired by that, I worked on getting the baby's room put back together.  I hung most of the decorations back up, put the blinds back in the windows, brought back all of the stuff that I threw in a box when I had to clear it out, and finally raised the crib mattress, put the side back on, and put on the bedding.  Other than having to organize the clothes and put them away, the room is ready (enough).  I still have to figure out the fancy baby monitor we got as a gift (video!), but we can use Jacob's in a pinch.  The one thing we're lacking is diapers, but those are easy enough!

On top of all that, we have the added complications of Craig's roadtrip and this crazy winter storm that's coming.  Craig was supposed to fly to Philly from Buffalo this afternoon, but opted to skip his flight, drive to Syracuse, and ride with his photographer instead.  It gave him more time at home today, and in theory gets him home sooner tomorrow after the oddball school day game tomorrow morning.  However...there's supposed to be a crazy winter storm hitting much of the state tomorrow, so I'm concerned about him getting back to Syracuse, then back to Rochester safely.  Not that his flight would have been any less of a concern, and he'd be in Buffalo that way, but the whole thing is far from ideal.  Once he's back he still has to go to Buffalo on Saturday, but the worst of the snow should be over by then.  Beyond Craig's safety I'm worried about myself tomorrow--driving to and from work in the snow, not being able to shovel, managing the stress of the whole thing--assuming I stay healthy and can leave the house.  I'm really just hoping my whole office shuts down, but I need to consider how to handle it if that's not the case.'s been quite a 24 hour span.  And it could be quite a crazy 48 hours coming up.  Let's just hope this baby stays put, the stomach bug leaves us all alone, and we all stay safe amidst the snow.  Lots of prayers tonight...

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