Saturday, February 2, 2013

Pictures and the Countdown to the End...

I finally got myself together enough to take another picture of my belly, so here we are at 35 weeks!

I'm definitely a lot bigger, particularly to the point of running out of material at the bottom of my (maternity) tank top.  The last picture was more of a cute belly, and this one is just getting big.  It's fine, though, really.  I know it's not big compared to what it could be, but I'm definitely feeling the weight of it and it's hard to bend or sit comfortably to eat at a table because it's simply getting in the way.  When I was at the doctor's on Thursday, they did say that the baby is down in the pelvis, and I can definitely believe it on the inside, even if it doesn't look like it on the outside.

I also wanted to take some pictures of my bare belly, which I didn't do at all last time.  I find this one really amazing, to be honest, because it is so defined on the sides.  I figured that doing them in black and white makes them a little less freaky.  Maybe less real?  I don't know.  Here are three different angles...

The definition on the sides conforms to some sort of body parts...butt? shoulders?  You can just see the very beginnings of the linea nigra down the center.  It's barely visible and I hope it stays that way!  No idea when it cropped up last time, but it took forever to go away so I wouldn't mind if it just stayed faint this time.  In the first picture you can just see my belly button ring scar above my belly button.  It's more scar tissue from it not healing right, but I think it looks a lot better this time than last time.  Anyway, they're not exactly artistic shots, but at least I have some like this this time.  

The past few days have been interesting in the wake of all the craziness I blogged about Thursday.  I'm still feeling like a ticking time bomb, but at least I don't feel like what's happening is a danger to the baby.  My body is just having a hard time coping with things--though I don't know if it's the weight, the baby's position, the body preparing itself, or what.  I'm just not up for a lot of movement, though.  We will be going to the Knighthawks game tonight, though I will have some help and I figure this might be our last chance for a while, so I need to get Jacob his fix while I can.  I'm still dealing with the thinning mucus plug issue.  It seems to come in waves, to the point that I got a little nervous again last night, but it's been quieter today so I assume things are fine for now.  Still, it tells me that things are happening.  There's still no telling how soon, but I can just tell that my body is reaching its limits, even if I don't entirely understand why.

I feel a little better mentally after doing a ton of laundry the last couple days.  Thursday night I had picked up a tub of OxiClean to soak all of the yellowed baby clothes in.  I soaked them overnight and threw the first batch in the washing machine yesterday morning.  To my delight, much of the yellow staining came out!  Not every piece was perfect, but if nothing else most of the stains faded to the point where the clothes will be salvageable, even if they're just backups or fine for daycare or something to use for layering.  I'm not giving up hope even on the ones that weren't perfect.  I'll wash them more to see if I can get them to fade a bit more, and hanging them to dry gives me a little more of a chance before heat sets things any more.  But most of them are looking really good, thank goodness!  The clothes definitely bring back memories, too.  Part of me can't believe it's been five years since we got most of them, but another part feels like it's been an eternity since we were dealing with tiny socks and hats and swaddle sacks.

I did another batch of clothes last night into this morning, and now I think I have most of the 0-6 month clothes cleaned.  I can start sorting and folding things over the next couple days so they're ready to be stored in the baby's room once the paint is dry, hopefully as soon as Tuesday.  I'll get the pack-n-play set up Monday while I'm home with the painter, and maybe pull out the baby seat and swing, wash the new clothes we have (five outfits that cost me a grand total of $15), and strategize about what we might need if we can manage a trip to Babies 'R' Us.  We definitely need some diapers, and I'd like some sterilization bags for bottles and breast pump parts.  Guessing we should probably buy a couple new bottle nipples, too, since the old ones might not be in very good shape after all this time.  Not that I'm thinking he'll be bottle feeding much early on, but we'll need to do some to get him adjusted for daycare and maybe give Jacob and Craig a chance to participate (and maybe let me sleep?).  

It's going to be quite the month, no doubt.  It's hard not knowing when things are going to happen, but it's also probably better that I don't because the stress leading up to it would probably kill me!  At least I'm getting things done and giving the little man a little more time to get fully cooked.  We want strong lungs and a little chub before he comes out so he has the best chance of coming home on time with us.  I'm definitely feeling the pressure of this final countdown, but it's exciting, too.  We can't wait to meet the little guy, but I will gladly be patient in the meantime...

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