Monday, February 25, 2013

A Picture of Motherhood

The other day we had a couple FaceTime sessions on my iPod, first with my parents and then with my brother's family.  Technology is amazing that they could see Carter from across the country, and I could see my niece and nephew, who are getting so big!  The program has a window to show you what your camera is capturing, and I noticed that my hair was behaving and the lighting coming in through the window was good.  I snapped an Instagram shot and posted  it with the caption "Happy mama..."  I was feeling very peaceful at that moment, with a sleeping baby on my chest.

The picture got a ton of likes on Facebook, which was really sweet.  I actually think it captures motherhood pretty well...sleeping baby, half happy, half tired, no makeup.  But it did turn out nice.  Yay for good lighting :)

Things are going okay these days.  Carter is adorable, of course.  He's sleeping well, maybe too well since we've had some long stretches and he probably should be eating more for his size.  However, he's making up for it by cluster feeding.  He's eating every couple hours and even kept me up until after 1:30 last night wanting to eat constantly, which was so frustrating.  But then he slept until 6am!

We bribed Jacob to hold his brother last night.  It was brief, though.  I'll post the picture soon.  He's continued to be difficult and wants to monopolize Craig's time whenever he's home.  He plays lacrosse or basketball in his room most of the time, but does take breaks to play Craig's table hockey or to play with his Legos or Playmobil guys.  We survived Saturday without Craig, with a little assist from Lori in the evening.  This weekend is his first roadtrip, and my parents will be joining us for a day, fresh off my mom's retirement! Two kids is a challenge, for sure!

Carter's umbilical cord stump fell off Saturday morning, but I think it may have been a bit premature, because it's still been bleeding a little bit.  Nothing crazy, but just a little bloody crust to clean whenever I change him.  I'm thinking he might also have a minor umbilical hernia because of the way it bulges out, but I could be wrong.  Still waiting for his circumcision to finish healing, though, before we can do regular baths.  I did an awkward sponge bath last night, though.  We'll check things out Friday, if nothing else.

Today I tried on a pair of my old stretched out jeans, ones that I wore prior to my pregnancy with Jacob and decided post-pregnancy that they needed replacing, and they fit!  I haven't dug much into non-maternity clothes yet, but my stomach has gone down a lot so I probably should.  I'm glad to have gotten my ring back on the other day, and it's nice to see the weight dropping off.  At this point I'm not sure if it's just water weight or if nursing is doing its magic, but I'll take it.

Maternity leave has been nice so far.  I truly think that our rough start last time really threw me off a lot.  This time I feel a lot more at peace and a lot more content most of the time.  Admittedly, a night like last night (where I was so tired and he just wanted to keep nursing) was hard and makes me question my abilities a bit, but for the most part I feel so much better than last time.  I'm trying to appreciate this experience more because it should be our last, and I know now how quickly it goes.  He's such a precious little gift and I love the faces, the noises, the squirms, and every little body part.  And I look forward to seeing the little boy he's going to become...even though I'm well aware that he could be as much of a challenge as his brother one day.  But I love being home with him right now and having a little time to relax and not freak out completely if I'm up with him at night.  I'm still not great at napping because I feel like there's always something to do--getting myself together, laundry, blogging, cleaning up, reading the paper--but I'm working on it.

Anyway, I guess that's the update for now...

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