Friday, February 22, 2013

Have I Mentioned...? Part 2

- Carter's doctor's appointment Wednesday went well. It turned out that his doctor had a med student with her, so it was a very interesting appointment. She had to explain everything she was doing, everything she was checking, and give him a chance to do some of it, too. Despite the fact that he hates being naked, Carter was very good. He was awake, patient, and did a great job. He'd lost another ounce since leaving the hospital, but the doctor said that babies usually bottom out around the fifth day, so now that my milk was in, he'd probably move up nicely. She sent us for bloodwork to check on the jaundice, and while his level was up, she said that bilirubin usually peaks around day 5 as well, so that shouldn't get any higher either, especially since he's been peeing and pooping like a champ. Otherwise, the doctor was very pleased with what she was seeing and hearing, so it appears we have a healthy little guy. We go back in a week, so if anything comes up in the meantime, we don't have to wait long.

- Carter came out posterior, a.k.a., sunny side up, just like we think Jacob did.  They were telling us during my delivery with Jacob that it was probably why he took so long to come out, but I never heard for sure that he did.  But Carter definitely did!  They think there's just something about the structure of my anatomy that makes them turn that way.  It makes for more uncomfortable labor and more pushing because the position doesn't make them "flow" through the birth canal as smoothly as they could.  Lucky me to possibly have had two!  The pediatrician made me sound like a hero when she was explaining it to her student!

- Technology has made this experience quite different than last time.  Yes, I blogged last time, too, but this time we had Facebook!  It's been fun to post news and photos and come back to an avalanche of "likes" and comments.  It's also sort of cool to have my iPod next to me most of the time so I can take quick pictures when I can't reach my camera.  Why is my iPod next to me all the time?  Well, I've been using an app to track nursing.  It is nice to have something that helps me time nursing sessions and remember which side I've last nursed on.  It also keeps a record of all sessions, which is pretty handy to have too.  Not to mention that it passes the time during those night feedings to sneak in a game of Candy Crush or Bejeweled Blitz!

- For those wondering about the origins of Carter's name...well, Carter was just a name we liked and could agree on.  I don't want to say it was process of elimination, but it wasn't far from it.  There were a lot of names we liked, but that didn't work with our last name or just didn't seem right for our kid.  For whatever reason, Carter stuck.  As for the middle name, we debated this right up until he was born.  At some point a while back I suggested Garrett as a twist on my dad's name, Gary.  Jacob's middle name is a family name--Craig's dad and grandfather, as well as Craig's middle name--so it made sense to give Carter a middle name that was a family name on my side.  However, my family doesn't have a lot to work with.  We have some odd names (one of my grandfathers was Eldred, for example), and while there was one name that spanned both sides (Frederick), it seemed too long and too old.  Also, some of our choices seemed funny with Carter because of celebrities or characters with the last name.  For example, Craig had wanted to use the name Aaron (because of Hank Aaron), but there's a boy band singer named Aaron Carter.  John would have honored a couple people on my side of the family as well as Craig's great uncle who passed away while I was pregnant, but John Carter is a movie character as well as the doctor on ER (who, honestly, might have made us like the name more), but it seemed weird.  Even the attempt at honoring my dad would have been odd, since there was a baseball player named Gary Carter.  Anyway, the night before Carter was born (given some of the signs that things might be happening), I brought up Garrett again.  It seemed a random choice, but at least we could assign some meaning to it, which was more than we could say for any of the other names we could agree on.  We still debated right up until I was in the delivery room.  The big joke was also that Garrett is the first name of a lacrosse player for the Toronto Rock who kills the Knighthawks every time he plays against them, and Craig said it would be a sign to go with the name if he scored the first goal in the game he was playing in that night.  He didn't get the first goal, but he did assist on it and ended up with 10 points that night, so we took that as sign enough, and Garrett it was.  We've gotten good reviews on the name, so I guess we made a good choice :)

- Our schedules have been all over the place.  We had that one great night, followed by two rough nights and one rough day, and then another good night last night.  The rough nights are mostly him wanting to be awake and not go back to sleep after feedings.  Yesterday's rough day was a combination of him being sleepy all day and not wanting to feed normally.  He's so skinny already that I don't like it when he doesn't eat.  A lot of times he'll seem hungry and eat well, but only for a few minutes.  I try to keep him awake, burp him, change him, and do what I can to keep him feeding, but it's not easy.  He'll figure it out eventually, I'm sure. 

- Hard to believe that it's been a full week since this whole thing really got started!  Right about now last week I was working away at my desk, and when I got up to go to the bathroom, everything got moving!  And tonight at 10:32pm, Carter will officially be a week old!  What a week it has been. 

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