Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Have I Mentioned...?

- After a series of not-so-great nights, last night was perfect.  Carter nursed around 1:45 and 4:15 and went right back down without fussing after both.  And I got to sleep until around 8am!  I did send Craig in before the 4:15 feeding because I wanted to see if he'd settle for a little longer without having the temptation of milk (they can smell it, you know), but he was having NONE of it so I was in there pretty quickly.  But the feedings went smoothly and I may have come up with a decent formula for when to burp and change him, so we'll see.  I know how these things go and tonight may be a disaster, but I'll take the good nights when I can get them.

- I still can't get my wedding ring back on.  I was hoping that after a few days and peeing out a lot of water weight, it would go back on rather quickly, but it's still getting stuck at my knuckle.  If it hadn't fit right up until the end, I'd be more worried that I had gained more fat while pregnant.  But I only took it off the other day so I'm less concerned.  My stomach is slowly but surely going down.  I'm not planning on getting out of maternity pants anytime soon, but that's ok for now because they're more comfortable and I have enough long-ish shirts to make them work for now.

- My milk is officially in.  Ouch.  It started last night and I had to pump a bit.  Today I was a little sore, but it got worse later in the day as Carter decided he was more into brief snacks.  I pumped again before dinner and one side before bed, and we'll just have to see how Carter does with the rest.  I know there's always an awkward painful phase of engorgement, but I can't remember how long it lasts.  I haven't called the lactation consultant yet.  We'll see how tomorrow's pediatrician appointment goes, and hopefully they'll have good news about his weight so we'll know something is working, at least.  He's been pooping up a storm and has now started spitting up a little bit here and there, so obviously that's a good start.

- Carter is so tiny.  He was half a pound and one inch smaller than Jacob, not to mention that Jacob didn't wear real clothes until he was a full week old and came home from the hospital.  In addition, our house was so hot when Jacob came home that he really only wore onesies for weeks.  Well, Carter obviously needs to wear real clothes because the house is quite cooler.  And since he is so much smaller, he's swimming in the 0-3 month clothes we have!  He's only got a couple newborn outfits, and we'll make it work until I can run out and grab a couple extra outfits, but it's shocking how small he seems.  Everything is so skinny and even his torso seems tiny because there's hardly any space for the diaper under his belly button.  I can't get over how small everything is, even for a baby!  Heck, he's so tiny that he still seems to have lots of lanugo left, which is the soft protective hair that babies usually shed in utero.  When he was born he looked Italian or something because he had such dark hair, and so much hair left everywhere--his arms and forehead, most notably.  He's so sweet, though. 

- Jacob is still generally unimpressed and refusing to hold his brother.  He is totally monopolizing Craig's time when they're home together, and I feel bad because I'm usually stuck feeding Carter, who seemed to want to eat all day and did not take kindly to being left with someone who couldn't provide that service.  It's definitely a delicate balance finding time and energy for both of them.  Jacob went back to daycare today so we could spend our day focusing on Carter and getting some rest, and he was not happy about it. 

- I'm feeling pretty decent these days, but still not nearly 100%.  I have stopped taking ibuprofen, so maybe some of that is my fault.  I'm dealing with a small tear and the return of the dreaded hemorrhoids (a "souvenir" from Jacob's birth), along with some minor discomfort from my epidural (sore back when I bend over too much) and really minor belly discomfort (not sure if it's still just things getting back to where they belong, or what).  My mobility is better, but now that the engorgement has taken over a bit, I'm feeling a bit more worn down in general.  Perhaps the high is wearing off a bit, too. 

My thoughts are still a bit scattered, but I know I have more reflection to do on the birth and everything that has happened in the past few days...so we'll see if I can ever get it all typed out before it leaves my head...

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